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Opponents round on Cameron seven-day NHS pledge

David Cameron unveiled his NHS plans earlier today. Credit: Ben Birchall/PA Wire

David Cameron's political opponents have accused his party of "degenerating" the NHS and "misleading" the public after he promised a "truly seven-day" health service under a Conservative government.

Labour's campaign vice chair Lucy Powell claimed Tory plans would mean "extreme" cuts to the NHS.

When he pledges seven-day-a-week care in the NHS, people will remember that he did exactly the same before the last election, only to break his word," she said.

The Liberal Democrats claimed that they were the only party to have a "credible plan top invest the £8 billion per year by 2020 that NHS bosses say is needed".

And Ukip health spokesman Louise Bours said: "If the Tories were serious about the NHS they would have brought these changes in over the last five years they have been in government, but instead they have degenerated the NHS beyond all recognition."

Doctors' group: Cameron NHS plans 'an empty pledge'

David Cameron's plans for a "truly seven-day NHS" have come under attack from doctors's leaders, who have accused him of "shameless political game playing".

Dr Mark Porter, chair of the British Medical Association council, said the Conservatives had already left "existing services stretched to breaking point".

With existing services stretched to breaking point, a majority of hospitals facing crippling budget deficits and frontline staff under extreme pressure, the NHS needs far more than just words to deliver extra care.

Without a detailed, fully-costed plan to provide the staff and resources needed to deliver more seven-day services, this is at best an empty pledge and at worst shameless political game playing with the NHS ahead of the election.

– Dr Mark Porter, British Medical Association


Murphy: Sturgeon 'friendship' claim doesn't fool anyone

Jim Murphy (left) with Labour leader Ed Miliband. Credit: Danny Lawson/PA Wire

Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy claims "no-one will be fooled" by Nicola Sturgeon's claim her party will help "shake-up" Westminster to the benefit of the rest of the UK.

In a response to the SNP leader's party conference speech, Murphy added that Sturgeon's plans to fight austerity ignored "the austerity max that would be inflicted on Scotland" if the country achieved her party's aim of fiscal independence.

And after Sturgeon urged Labour to "join forces" with the SNP to keep the Conservatives out of power after the General Election, Murphy responded: “Despite all the cheering and backslapping the facts remain only Labour or the Tories can form the next UK government.

"Any seat taken from Labour by the SNP or anyone else simply helps David Cameron to stay in power."

Report: Police tear gas crowds during Sierra Leone lockdown

Police have reportedly fired tear gas at an angry crowd in Sierra Leone after stones were thrown at officials during a three-day national lockdown.

According to Reuters the unrest came as officials ordered some six million residents to stay inside on pain of arrest as health officials go door-to-door looking for hidden patients in the hopes of accelerating the end of the Ebola epidemic.

Sierra Leone is on a three-down lockdown Credit: RTV
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