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At least 16 dead in Israeli attack on UN school in Gaza

At least 16 people have been killed after the Israeli military attacked a UN school in the northern Gaza strip, local media reports.

ITV News/Sean Swan
School children are treated by medical staff after the shelling. Credit: ITV News/Sean Swan

The school was being used to shelter hundreds of people from the ongoing violence in the region.

ITV News witnessed children "lying in pools of blood" in the aftermath of the shelling.

Scattered books and belongings were seen scattered across courtyard within the facility.

'No evidence' Russia supplied weapons to separatists

Russia's UK Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko has said there is "no evidence" Russia had supplied weapons to separatists in eastern Ukraine and said any use of sanctions would send the "wrong message" to Kiev.

Western sanctions would be "illegal" and "counter-productive" and hurt the global economy, he said.

Mr Yakovenko said it was "striking" how much the United States "relied on social media" in relation to the MH17 crash rather than "intelligence" sources.

He said the decision of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) to halt cooperation with Russia over new investments was "unacceptable" and "harmful" to all parties.


Children 'lying in pools of blood' after school attack

Injured children have been seen lying in "pools of blood" after an Israeli attack at a school acting as a shelter in Gaza.

ITV News Correspondent Dan Rivers, who is at a hospital where the victims are being treated, tweeted:


I just can’t get over what I have just witnessed at the Kamal Odwan hospital in #Gaza so many injured children


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Scores injured after Israel attacks UN civilian shelter

Adnan Abu Hassna, the UN spokesman in Gaza told ITV News that the Israeli military attacked a school acting as a shelter at around half two this afternoon.

Children are lined up inside West Hospital, Beit Ahoun, in Gaza.
Children are lined up inside the hospital in Beit Ahoun, Gaza. Credit: Sean Swan/ITV News

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The Beit Hanoun elementary school had around 800 people, mostly women and children, inside when the attack took place.

Mr Hassna said the UN had provided the exact co-ordinates of the school to the Israeli military, so they are surprised by the attack.

A three month old baby is treated for schrapnel wounds.
A three month old baby is treated for schrapnel wounds. Credit: Sean Swan

The attack is thought to have come from a tank, or artillery. Local media are reporting 16 people have died and 10 have been injured.

ITV News, filming in the nearby Kamal Odwan hospital in Beit Hanoun, observed scores of injured children requiring treatment.

AH5017 nationalities released: 50 French on board

An Air Algerie representative in Burkina Faso says the passenger list for flight AH5017 contains the following nationalities (list not complete):

  • 50 France
  • 24 Burkina Faso
  • 8 Lebanon
  • 4 Algeria
  • 2 Luxembourg
  • 1 Belgian, Swiss, Nigerian, Cameroonian, Ukrainian, Romanian.

However, Lebanese officials said the country had at least 10 citizens on the flight.

A spokeswoman for SEPLA, Spain's pilots union, said the six crew were from Spain. She could not give any further details.

All the passengers aboard the plane are thought to have been in transit, either for Europe, the Middle East or Canada.


UN confirms multiple dead after Israeli attack

A United Nations spokesperson has confirmed that multiple people people have died following an attack an a UN school being used as a shelter in Beit Hanoun, Gaza.


Confirm multiple dead and injured at designated UNRWA shelter in Beit Hanoun RT


Precise co-ordinates of the UNRWA shelter in Beit Hanoun had been formally given to the Israeli army RT


Over the course of the day UNRWA tried 2 coodinate with the Israeli Army a window for civilians 2 leave & it was never granted RT

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Satellite map shows 'storm' on AH5017 flight path

An aviation safety researcher has posted satellite imagery which appears to show stormy weather on the planned flight path of AH5017.

The diagonal green area is near Gao in Mali, where the plane was said to have lost contact.


Weather at time of #AH5017 loss. Storm on flightpath: Clouds all rising above 40,000ft @eumetsat @thatjohn @raestimr


.Minimum recorded temperature was -75C, meaning clouds up to ~49,500ft. Far above cruising altitude. @eumetsat @thatjohn @raestimr

In a separate tweet, Mr Proud adds: "Athough there were storms, it is normal for the region. This was a big one, but not atypical."

Israeli shelling of UN school 'kills at least 13'

The shelling of a UN school by the Israeli military has killed at least 13 people, NBC's Richard Engel reports.


UN school attacked in north gaza.. 13 at least killed. Bloody desks. Blood on ground. Terrified children.

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