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Black Friday 'could be first UK £1bn online shopping day'

Retailers are gearing up for record Black Friday sales spending. Credit: PA

This year's Black Friday could become the UK's first £1 billion online shopping day, a retail expert has predicted.

Experian-IMRG believes internet spending will hit £1.07 billion, a 32% increase on last year's £810 million.

was the estimated amount spent online by British shoppers in 2014

The Centre for Retail Research expects a slightly more modest £966 million to be spent online on Friday, with shopping over the entire weekend culminating with Cyber Monday to hit £3.49 billion.


Chair of Foreign Affairs Committee backs PM's Syria plan

Crispin Blunt

The Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee Crispin Blunt has backed the Prime Minister's plan for Syria.

David Cameron has set out a seven-point plan for targeting so-called Islamic State.

Mr Blunt was previously sceptical of extending action in Syria but has recently shifted his stance.

The committee has recently been to the region to "gain perspective" on the situation.

He said his personal view is now that the country’s interests would best be served by Britain joining air strikes against Isis.

The committee will discuss its collective view next week.

On balance, the country would be best served by this house supporting his judgement that the UK should play a full role in the coalition to best support and shape the politics thus enabling the earliest military and ideological defeat of Isil.

– Crispin Blunt

Cameron: UK in 'top tier' of Islamic State targets

Prime Minister David Cameron addresses MPs on Syria.

The UK is already in the top tier of countries that so-called Islamic State is targeting and "we must address the threat we face", David Cameron has told MPs as he made the case for the UK to launch air strikes against IS in Syria.

The PM has also said that the UK is prepared to contribute an extra £1 billion towards reconstructing a post-conflict Syria.


Cameron on UK air strikes in Syria: If not now, when?

David Cameron has said if the UK doesn't act now by launching air strikes against so-called Islamic State in Syria, then Britain's allies "could be forgiven for asking if not now, when?"

The Prime Minister is presenting his case to MPs in the Commons for the UK to begin airstrikes against Islamic State in Syria.

Turkish military releases audio of 'warnings' given to Russian warplane

Turkey has released an audio recording of what it claims are warnings given to a Russian warplane before it was shot down near the Syrian border.

According to the Turkish military, the Russian SU-24 attack aircraft was hailed 10 times before it was engaged and brought down on the Syria/Turkey border.

"Change your heading south," a voice says in English through heavy static in the clip.

The surviving Russian pilot, Captain Konstantin Murakhtin, insists that he did not receive a warning beforehand.

Captain Murakhtin was rescued and is currently at a Russian air base in Syria but his co-pilot was reportedly killed by militants on the ground.

Cameron: 'We cannot afford not to act in Syria'

Prime Minister David Cameron has submitted a document to MPs arguing that Britain "cannot afford" not to extend its military campaign against Islamic State into Syria.

In a letter to the Commons Foreign Affairs Committee, Mr Cameron said: "The threats to our interests and to our people are such that we cannot afford to stand aside and not to act."

It is tempting to see the complexity of the Syria conflict as an excuse to avoid tackling ISIL there,and it is equally tempting to see the threat posed by ISIL as an excuse to avoid facing the realities of the Syria conflict. Neither approach is correct. I believe that we must tackle both the threat from ISIL and the Syria conflict in parallel, recognising the links but understanding the differences. On both, one thing is clear: the threats to our interests and to our people are such that we cannot afford to stand aside and not to act.

So with a political solution to the Syria conflict finally a realistic prospect; with greater international consensus than ever before on the global threat posed by ISIL; with the terrible cost of ISIL’s brutality increasingly being seen on the streets of Paris, Beirut and elsewhere; and with the very real threat ISIL poses to UK citizens, I believe that we should extend our military campaign against ISIL into Syria.

– David Cameron, writing to the Commons Foreign Affairs Committee
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