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Firms face fines of up to £20k for failing to pay living wage

Businesses that fail to pay staff the new national living wage face fines of up to £20,000 under plans unveiled by David Cameron.

David Cameron Credit: PA Wire

The Prime Minister said employers would "pay the price" and bosses could be barred from acting as directors if they did not ensure the wage boost was passed on.

From next April, firms will have to pay all workers aged over 25 at least £7.20 an hour - up from £6.50 now.

Currently a firm is fined 100% of arrears for non-payment of the minimum wage but that will double to 200% when the new living wage comes in to force. The maximum is expected to be £20,000.

Any employer found guilty of non-compliance could be prevented from becoming a company director for 15 years


Guantanamo Bay closure options weighed up by Obama

The White House is considering a "wide array" of options for closing Guantanamo Bay military prison in Cuba.

White House weighing up Guantanamo Bay closure options Credit: Reuters

The best route for closing the prison would be winning congressional approval to do so, spokesman Josh Earnest said.

But President Barack Obama, who has repeatedly pledged to close the prison, has faced opposition from congressional Republicans who passed laws blocking any move to transfer Guantanamo inmates to prisons in the United States.

Asked if Obama would consider taking executive action to close the prison if Congress blocks him, Mr Earnest said: "The president and his team are always considering a wide array of options.

"But the fact is the best way for us to do this is for members of Congress of both parties to work effectively with the administration".

The White House said last month that it would soon be sending a plan to Congress to close the prison.

Burnham: Corbyn win means 'giving up on election'

Credit: Reuters

Andy Burnham has warned Labour supporters that electing Jeremy Corbyn as leader would mean "giving up" on winning the next election.

The shadow health secretary's intervention came with the left-winger embroiled in yet another row over past comments- this time for suggesting it was a "tragedy" Osama bin Laden was killed by the United States.

Burnham said he was the only candidate capable of getting the Labour party back into power in 2020:

I want to make a direct appeal to those members and supporters who are thinking of voting for Jeremy, or who are still undecided. I know you are unhappy with politics as usual and you have a desperate desire for big changes. I understand that and share that desire for change. Under my leadership, we will fight the next election on a radical manifesto, with bold ideas such as integrating the NHS and social care and renationalising the railways.

– Andy Burnham

In a bid to appeal to Corbyn supporters, he added: "Don't give up on wanting to see big changes, but don't give up on winning either."

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