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100 arrested after Paris climate protest turns violent

Police clash with protesters in Paris. Credit: Reuters

About 100 people have been arrested after a climate change protest in Paris turned violent.

Paris police chief Michel Cadot said officers identified around 200 or 300 who had violated a ban on all protests.

It comes after a state of emergency in France was declared following the Paris terror attacks which killed 130 people.

Police fire tear gas at a protester. Credit: Reuters
One protester is apprehended by officers. Credit: Reuters

Mr Cadot many of those detained were found to have projectiles or other suspicious objects on them.

Police fired numerous rounds of tear gas on protesters to disperse them.

The protesters were gathering ahead of critical global warming talks outside Paris.

A protester throws a projectile at police. Credit: Reuters


Paris climate summit: Police fire tear gas at protesters

Tear gas is fired at masked demonstrators. Credit: RTV

Police have fired tear gas at masked demonstrators in central Paris ahead of a major climate change conference taking place in the city.

Protests were banned in the French capital in the wake of the recent terror attacks, and a heavy police presence could be seen as security remained high.

At one stage, officers armed with riot shields could be seen dragging a man along the road by his legs away from the scene of a disturbance.

Around 2,500 demonstrations are being held across the world ahead of the COP21 summit, which opens on Monday. David Cameron will be among a host of world leaders to attend the conference, at which 195 countries will be represented.

McDonnell: Syria vote defeat would not be damaging

John McDonnell has denied it would be damaging to Jeremy Corbyn's leadership if Labour MPs opposed him in a Commons vote on airstrikes in Syria.

Reiterating his call for a free vote on the issue, the shadow chancellor told ITV News' Lewis Vaughan Jones he wanted MPs of all parties to be given freedom to vote as they wish on the matter.

He added that Mr Corbyn would decide tomorrow whether to whip his MPs on the vote, which the government is hoping to hold as early as this week.

A number of Labour MPs have indicated that they will back extending airstrikes across the Syrian border, a move Mr Corbyn says may exacerbate the problem of Islamic extremism.

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