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Taliban 'vow to attack more schools and civilians'

The Taliban ringleader of the Peshawar school massacre has vowed to hit more children and civilian targets in a newly-released video, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Khalifa Omar Mansoor said the group would strike in revenge for Pakistani military operations in the country's Northern Waziristan province, on the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

This is something we cannot accept anymore, and if you continue to target our women and children, then your children will not be safe anymore. We announce that we will not discriminate in our attacks any longer, and will be as unconcerned as you are. I want to tell the Pakistan government, and the directors, teachers and students of the army’s affiliated institutions, that you are the ones strengthening this un-Islamic democratic system.

– Khalifa Omar Mansoor


A&E doctor's concern over capacity to cope this winter

An A&E doctor has told ITV News that he believes the service does not have any spare capacity to cope with increased pressures this winter.

Dr Duncan Carmichael speaking to ITV News. Credit: ITV News

"Things are often very challenging this time of year," Dr Duncan Carmichael, A&E consultant at Whittingdon Hospital, said.

"We're seeing fairly similar pressures to previous winters, but I think each year it feels as though we are underneath even more pressure and as if there isn't any spare capacity."

Duggan family lose Court of Appeal bid over shooting

Court of Appeal judges have rejected a challenge by the family of Mark Duggan over police procedures following fatal shootings by armed officers.

Mark Duggan was shot by police in 2011. His death sparked rioting across the capital and several other cities. Credit: PA Wire.

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The Duggan family lawyers argued the Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo) was operating a policey of allowing police officers to confer - which was inconsistent with the stance of the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

The lawyers argued the IPCC had decided that key officers involved in a death should normally be separated from one another and not allowed to confer.

But three judges rejected the challenge and dismissed the family's claim for a declaration that the current Acpo policy is unlawful and contrary not only to IPCC thinking but also to Article 2 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

The judges also rejected a challenge brought by the family of Ryszard Delezuch, who died after being detained by Leicester Police.

Duggan was killed after armed officers forced a taxi he was travelling in to stop, based on intelligence that he had collected a gun.

The inquest jury found in January this year that unarmed Duggan was lawfully killed by a police marksman.

Blatter: The Fifa crisis stops today

Fifa president Sepp Blatter says he will turn round the organisation following a period of 'crisis'.

Blatter, who intends to stand for the presidency for a fifth time, was speaking after it was announced Michael Garcia's report into the World Cup bidding process would be published.

Sepp Blatter wants to end the crisis. Credit: PA

Blatter told journalists: "It's not the first time we have been in a critical situation. We will fight. But we need your help, you are making public opinion.

"We have been in a crisis, but today the crisis stopped. I will bring back FIFA. But not alone. I need my Exco & the FIFA family."


Cheryl's husband wins payout over 'upsetting' marriage story

X Factor judge Cheryl Fernandez-Versini and her husband Jean Bernard Credit: PA

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini's husband has accepted a payout from Bauer Media over an "upsetting" Heat magazine article that speculated about their "secret" wedding.

Businessman Jean Bernard Fernandez-Versini, who married the 31-year-old singer and X Factor judge - better known as Cheryl Cole - in July, brought proceedings for invasion of privacy and breach of the Data Protection Act 1998 against the publisher at London's High Court.

The four-page article claimed that Mr Fernandez-Versini's wife had paid for her wedding ring and that her mother was to live with the couple, his solicitor, Callum Galbraith said.

The upset and distress caused by the article was compounded by the fact that Mr Fernandez-Versini, 33, had sought to avoid the media's glare, Mr Galbraith told Mr Justice Dingemans.

The article, published in August, also contained inaccuracies which the magazine did not put to him in advance of publication, the solicitor said.

He added that the publishers now accepted that the article amounted to an unjustified intrusion into Mr Fernandez-Versini's private and family life.

Bauer Media has apologised and agreed to pay him damages and contribute to his legal costs.

Neither Mr Fernandez-Versini nor his wife were at the hearing.

Andy Burnham hits out at 'worst A&E week in years'

Figures showing the "worst week in A&E in many years" proves the Government is out of touch with the "seriousness of the situation" in the NHS, Andy Burnham has claimed.

Andy Burnham, Labour's shadow health secretary. Credit: PA Wire

"These figures show he [David Cameron] is completely out of touch and does not have a grip on the seriousness of the situation now unfolding in the NHS," the shadow health secretary said.

“This was the worst week in A&E in many years. All over England, emergency services are stretched to the limit. Seriously ill people are waiting hours for ambulances to arrive or on trolleys in hospital corridors. This is before the winter has begun in earnest."

"It is now a serious situation and the Government’s complacency is becoming dangerous.

"It proves they can’t be trusted with the NHS."

Blatter: World Cups will not be revoked

Sepp Blatter will have the report published. Credit: PA

Fifa president Sepp Blatter says the 2018 and 2022 World Cups will be hosted by Russia and Qatar, as intended

Blatter said "external legal experts" supported the view that "there are no legal grounds" to revoke the controversial vote in 2010 to award the World Cups to the respective nations.

Nearly half of Brits think NHS 'is getting worse'

Nearly half of all Britons believe the NHS is getting worse, a ComRes/ITV News Index poll suggests.

Hospitals in England have admitted more people this week than in any previous week on record. Credit: PA Wire

Some 45% say the quality of care in the health service is getting worse, with around 46% also claiming the ease of access of local services such as GPs and A&Es is deteriorating.

One in four of the 2,069 British adults interviewed said they have experienced unacceptably poor standards of care in the NHS.

Around 65% said they did not think the NHS gets the support it needs from the Government.

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