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MI5 'may have slipped up over Jihadi John'

The security services may have made a "slipped up" in their handling of the Islamic State terrorist known as "Jihadi John" because they were too busy, the independent review of terror legislation said.

Mohammed Emwazi was known to the security services before he left for Syria in 2013.

David Anderson QC said he was not surprised that Mohammed Emwazi, who left for Syria in 2013, was not under tighter controls despite being on MI5's radar because the UK's spies and counter-terrorism police were "very busy".

He told the BBC that "perhaps they did slip up in this case" but it was "difficult not to have sympathy" with the agencies because of the scale of the challenge they face.

"I'm afraid it's not surprising to me at all, because I do spend time with the intelligence agencies and with the police," he told Radio 4's World at One.

"They are very busy at the moment and they were very busy then."


Nine people 'found dead after Missouri shooting spree'

Nine people have reportedly been found dead after an apparent shooting spree in the US state of Missouri.

The dead included the suspected gunman, according to a highway patrol officer quoted by the Houston Herald.

The map shows the location of Tyrone, within the state of Missouri. Credit: Google Maps

The body of the apparent shooter was found in a parked vehicle in south-central Shannon County.

A local sheriff said at least four of six possible crime scenes were located in the rural community of Tyrone.

Boris Johnson: Cage's comments are 'apology for terror'

Boris Johnson has accused advocacy group Cage of amounting "an apology for terror" after it suggested MI5 may be partly to blame for Mohammed Emwazi turning to violence.

Mayor of London Boris Johnson has attacked comments from advocacy group Cage. Credit: PA Wire

"It was incredible that people could stand up and pretend that somehow it was the fault of the security forces for trying to apprehend and impede these guys and that that could somehow cause them to be radicalised," the Mayor of London said.

"I think that is beyond satire and amounts to nothing less than an apology for terror. I hope they will be rethinking their position."

Downing Street earlier said Cage's claim was "reprehensible".

'Claim MI5 is responsible for Jihadi John reprehensible'

Downing Street has labelled a claim MI5 may have contributed to the radicalisation of Mohammed Emwazi, known as "Jihadi John", as "reprehensible".

The masked Islamic State militant known as 'Jihadi John'.

A Number 10 spokeswoman told a Westminster briefing: "It is completely reprehensible to suggest that anyone who carries out such brutal murders - they are the ones responsible and we should not be seeking to put blame on other people, particularly those who are working to keep British citizens safe.

"The people responsible for these murders are the people that we have seen in the videos."

Asked whether Mr Cameron shared the view of murdered British aid worker David Haines's daughter, Bethany, who said victims' families would feel closure only "once there's a bullet between his [Emwazi's] eyes", the spokeswoman replied: "The Prime Minister wants to see the murderers brought to justice."


Blatter wants World Cup final before December 18

Fifa president Sepp Blatter says he wants the 2022 World Cup final in Qatar to be played no later than December 18.

Earlier this month a Fifa task force recommended November-December dates for the 2022 Qatar World Cup following concerns about soaring summer temperatures.

UEFA has proposed playing the final at the tournament on December 23, just two days before Christmas, to lessen disruption to its own international matches.

That sparked uproar in Britain as it would threaten the traditional festive club programme.

Blatter, speaking for the first time since a FIFA task force confirmed November/December for the World Cup, said: "Not until the 23rd, definitely not. We have to stop at the 18th."

The FIFA president was speaking in Belfast ahead of a meeting of the International FA Board.

Police assessing other information after Glitter conviction

Scotland Yard has confirmed it is currently assessing other information received in light of Gary Glitter's conviction.

Detective Chief Inspector Michael Orchard, from Operation Yewtree, said Glitter was a "habitual sexual predator who took advantage of the star status afforded to him".

He added: "His lack of remorse and defence that the victims were lying make his crimes all the more indefensible."

The former glam rock star relied upon an interpreter (pictured) in the dock to inform him of the sentence passed as he was unable to hear the judge. Credit: Priscilla Coleman/ITV News

Victim Support, which provided support to Glitter's victims as they attended court to give evidence, meanwhile praised the women for giving evidence that was crucial in the singer's conviction.

Glitter was convicted not because of forensic evidence or eyewitness accounts, but because jurors saw through his lies and believed his victims' testimony.

This prison sentence is testament to the courage Glitter's victims showed in reporting their ordeal and bravely confronting this serial paedophile in court.

– Mark Castle, chief executive of Victim Support
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