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Twitter trolls targeted Kym Marsh over son's death

Kym Marsh says she is addicted to Twitter Credit: PA

Coronation Street star Kym Marsh has revealed she received abuse online over the death of her baby son.

But the 38-year-old who plays Michelle Connor in the ITV soap, said she would not be forced to quit Twitter because she was "too addicted".

The actress was devastated when her baby son Archie died when he was born 18 weeks early in 2009.

She told the Daily Star Sunday: "I've had all sorts on Twitter - death threats, people calling me a home-wrecker. But the worst things someone said was, 'remember when your baby died and I laughed?'.

"Messages like that are just sick and you have to think they are coming from someone who is not well. It is horrific to have to read something like that but I would never consider quitting Twitter."


Nepal earthquake: Bad weather hampers Everest rescue

Bad weather had hampered efforts to find survivors on Everest Credit: PA

Seventeen bodies have been recovered at the base camp on Mount Everest after an earthquake in Nepal triggered an avalanche on the world's highest peak.

The first helicopter took off from Kathmandu on Sunday morning to airlift the injured after flights were delayed by cloudy weather, Ang Tshering Sherpa, president of the Nepal Mountaineering Association, told Reuters. At least 61 people were injured.

The avalanche swept down Everest, burying part of the base camp as climbers gathered near the main route to the summit at the beginning of the climbing season in the deadliest incident on the mountain.

Tourism ministry officials estimated that at least 1,000 climbers, including about 400 foreigners, had been at base camp or on the ascent to the peak when the earthquake struck.

Nick Farr, an Australian climber of The Everest Academy and Trek Climb Ski Nepal, said efforts to find out the situation at base camp were being hindered by poor phone coverage.

"Nothing is being received out of there at the moment," he said.

'Significant' rise in fatalities expected as effects of Nepal earthquake continue

More than 1,800 people have been killed in Nepal Credit: Reuters

The death toll from the huge earthquake that struck Nepal is expected to rise rapidly over the coming days.

Saturday's magnitude 7.8 quake was the worst to hit the country in 81 years and caused damage and fatalities in neighbouring countries, including India, Tibet and Bangladesh.

The earthquake hit a heavily-populated area of Nepal, including the capital Kathmandu and its impact spread far beyond the Kathmandu Valley. Strong aftershocks were being felt well into Sunday morning by whcih time more than 1,800 people were confirmed dead.

"This is a very large earthquake in a significantly populated region with infrastructure that has been damaged in past earthquakes," US Geological Survey seismologist Paul Earle said. "Significant fatalities are expected."

Local hospitals continue to fill with injured residents and Kathmandu's international airport is shut down, hampering initial relief efforts in the isolated mountainous country.


Nepal earthquake death toll continues to rise

Aftershocks are still being felt in the country Credit: Reuters

The number of people killed in the worst earthquake to hit Nepal in 81 years has risen to more than 1,800 with many more injured.

As rescue efforts continued in the early hours of Sunday morning Nepal's home ministry issued a statement confirming that 1,805 people were reported killed with 4,718 injured.

The news comes as more reports of aftershocks emerge from the country.

Nepal's government has urged countries to send aid to help it cope with the aftermath of the quake that struck on Saturday.

Google executive killed on Everest travelled with UK-based firm

Dan Fredinburg was killed in an avalanche on Everest Credit: Dan Fredinburg/Instagram

A Google executive among those killed in an avalanche on Mount Everest caused by the earthquake in Nepal had travelled to the region with a UK-based firm.

Dan Fredinburg was climbing the world's tallest peak with three other Google employees when the avalanche struck. None of his colleagues was injured but the 33-year-old suffered a major head injury during an avalanche.

In a statement on its website, Jagged Globe said: "It is with the greatest sorrow that we report the death of one of our Everest team members, Daniel Fredinburg.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Dan’s family and friends whilst we pray too for all those who have lost their lives in one of the greatest tragedies ever to hit this Himalayan nation.

HMS Bulwark deployed to aid migrant crisis

HMS Bulwark will leave Turkey today Credit: Reuters

The Navy's flagship will today set off to join efforts to ease the migrants crisis in the Mediterranean, the Ministry of Defence has confirmed.

HMS Bulwark is leading Britain's contribution to an operation aimed at stemming the loss of life of refugees fleeing the turmoil in Africa and the Middle East.

More than 1,700 people are estimated to have died attempting to cross the Mediterranean to Europe so far this year.

The 19,000 tonne assault ship has been in the Dardanelles for the Gallipoli centenary commemorations in Turkey.

Supported by two UK Border Force cutters and three Royal Navy Merlin helicopters with sophisticated radar designed to spot small surface vessels over long distances, Bulwark is expected to continue operations for around two months.

Italian authorities said they had rescued 274 migrants from a vessel off the Libyan coast on Saturday.

Cable ready 'to stomach' another coalition with Tories

Vince Cable is interested in working at the Treasury Credit: PA

Vince Cable is prepared to work alongside the Tories in another coalition after but has set his sights on a new job.

Regarded as one of the most left-wing of Lib Dem Cabinet ministers, the Business Secretary is often touted as a possible partner for Ed Miliband if the party went into coalition with Labour.

However, speaking to the Mail on Sunday, Cable criticised the Labour leader's "poor judgment" and said he was ready to "stomach" another five years of co-operation with the Conservatives and would like George Osborne's job as Chancellor.

"I'm up for having a substantial role. My prime interest is the economy. There are two economic departments in Whitehall and I've done one of them for five years. I'll leave you to do the maths."

Mr Cable did not rule out a coalition with Labour, but was critical of two "really big mistakes" made by Miliband.

"He should have said up-front on the financial crisis that `We screwed up seriously' and done a mea culpa.

"And I feel let down by his foolish plan to cut university tuition fees to £6,000. It is a low-grade response. He couldn't resist a cheap soundbite at our expense. Very poor judgment. And his fiscal policy is so vague."

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