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Lawyer: Arrest warrant for Kings 'should be withdrawn'

A lawyer has said she believes the European Arrest Warrant (EAW) for Ashya King's parents should be withdrawn as the Crown Prosecution Service applied the "incorrect test".

The law on obtaining EAWs is very clear - there must be sufficient evidence to prosecute for an offence - in this case cruelty.

I think the CPS applied the wrong test because Mr and Mrs King have been open about their whereabouts, they a chronically sick son and other children.

It is difficult to see how the authorities, knowing where they are can justify they are a bail risk.

– Karen Todner. Kaim Todner Solicitors

Estonia wants a Nato base 'to defend against Russia'

Estonia wants Nato to set up permanent bases on its territory to defend against Russia and ease fears that the Baltic state could be the next flashpoint after Ukraine, President Toomas Hendrik said.

Map of Estonia
Map of Estonia Credit: Google maps

Hendrik, visiting Oslo on the eve of a visit to Estonia by U.S. President Barack Obama in the run-up to a Nato summit in Wales, said "yes" when asked at a news conference if he wanted permanent Nato bases in Estonia.

"We should not have Nato with two-tier countries: with Nato permanent bases and without. This is a wrong signal to send to the potential aggressor," he said.


Sky could face Ofcom investigation over swearing fans

Sky Sports is facing an Ofcom investigation into its coverage of transfer deadline day after viewers complained about fans swearing on camera.


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Reporters outside grounds across the country were forced to apologise numerous times after fans swore during the live broadcast.

A reporter had a sex toy waved in his face by a fan in another incident.

The communications watchdog will now decide whether to investigate further after receiving complaints from eight viewers about the language.

15 Ukrainian soldiers 'killed in one day'

Fifteen Ukrainian service personnel have been killed in the past 24 hours in fighting with pro-Russian separatists backed by Russian troops, a Ukrainian military spokesman said.

Ukrainian servicemen take cover near Luhansk. Credit: Reuters

U.N. agencies say about 2,600 people have died in the conflict, around 800 of them members of Ukraine's forces, Kiev said.

Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko said that the situation in the five-month war against separatists had dramatically worsened since "Russian forces joined fighting on behalf of the separatists."

Man injured after ice bucket challenge attempt on bike

A man was injured after attempting the ice bucket challenge while riding his motorcycle.

The 19-year-old, from Shoreham, West Sussex, suffered minor cuts and bruises after his friend threw the bucket of icy water over him as he rode on August 27.

Police have called on people to complete the challenge in a safe and sensible manner.

"We ask that if people are going to complete it, they need to do so sensibly and safely," Sergeant Stewart Goodwin, from Sussex Police, said.


UN: Million people displaced by Ukraine conflict

More than one million people have been displaced by the conflict in Ukraine, the UNHCR United Nations refugee agency said.

This includes:

  • 814,000 Ukrainians now in Russia with various forms of status
  • 260,000 and more displaced within Ukraine
  • The number doubled in the past three weeks

"It's safe to say you have over a million people now displaced as a result of the conflict, internally and externally together," Vincent Cochetel, director of the UNHCR's bureau for Europe, said.

Amnesty: Several mass killings by IS in Iraq last month

Amnesty International said it has gathered evidence that Islamic State militants were responsible for several mass killings that took place in Sinjar, northern Iraq, in August.

Two of the deadliest incidents took place in the villages of Qiniyeh on 3 August and Kocho on 15 August, the charity said.

Survivors of the massacres in hospital beds.
Survivors of the massacres told Amnesty International of their experiences. Credit: Amnesty International

Survivors told Amnesty International that groups of men and boys from both villages were seized by militants, taken away and shot.

“There was no order, they [the fighters] just filled up vehicles indiscriminately,” one survivor of the massacre in Kocho said.

Ashya King in a stable condition in Malaga hospital

Ashya King, who is suffering from brain cancer, is in a stable condition in a hospital in Malaga, Spain, and has been visited by his brother Danny on several occasions, a hospital spokeswoman told ITV News.

Ashya King was taken from Southampton General Hospital by his parents.
Ashya King was taken from Southampton General Hospital by his parents. Credit: Hampshire Police

The five-year-old's brother visited him twice yesterday and also this morning.

She also said that a police force is present in Ashya's room at all times with two officers guarding the child by court order.

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