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Lib Dems: EU 'the best way' to have jobs and trade

The European Union (EU) is "the best way" to create jobs and increase trade for Britain, and a senior Liberal Democrat hoped the general public "would understand" Ukip were not worth voting for.

Simon Hughes spoke to Daybreak ahead of the launch of the Liberal Democrat EU election campaign and pointed to their policy of raising the tax threshold to £10,000 as an example of the party's robust record in office.


British parents 'already' contacted police over Syria

There are "already many parents" who have contacted the police to stop their children fighting in the Syrian civil war, Dr Usama Hasan told Daybreak.

Dr Hasan, senior researcher at the anti-extremism organisation Quilliam Foundation, said the national awareness campaign to encourage parents to stop their child from fighting alongside jihadis in Syria was "very important" and urged Britain to be "open" about their citizens joining the war.

"Britain should be open about this issue ... hundreds of our fellow citizens are going to these places and let's understand the issue by trying to see what we can do about it," he added.

Rise of automation 'will hit low income workers hardest'

People on low incomes will be the hardest hit by the introduction of automation in the workplace in the next few decades, exclusive research for ITV's Tonight programme has found.

According to the research, people earning under £20,000 pounds a year are five times more likely to find that a machine will be capable of doing their job by 2030 than those that earn £100,000 a year.

Tonight: Man versus Machine airs on ITV at 7.30pm tonight (24 April).

Exclusive: Machines 'could do a third of British jobs by 2030'

Ferry crew 'under orders' to abandon ship

A member of crew of a South Korean ferry that sank last week has said she and her colleagues were "under command" to abandon ship, the Reuters news agency reports.

The unidentified crew member, speaking briefly to reporters on the way from court back into detention, was speaking behind a surgical mask and wearing a baseball cap with a jacket hood, the agency said.

The Sewol, weighing almost 7,000 tons, sank on a routine trip from the port of Incheon, near Seoul, to the southern holiday island of Jeju. Investigations are focused on human error and mechanical failure.

Boy who raised ferry alarm thought to have drowned

A South Korean boy who first raised the alarm about the sinking Sewol ferry has been found drowned, his parents believe.

Reuters news agency reports that the boy's parents had seen his body and clothes and concluded he was their son, but he has not been formally identified with a DNA test.

NBC News Correspondent Bill Neely reports that the boy - whose family name is Choi - has been missing for a week:


It's being reported the body of Korean boy who first rang emergency services to say ferry was sinking is found. Parents believe it's him.


The boy's family name is Choi. His call came 3 minutes before anyone from the crew of #Sewol rang for help. He has been missing for a week.

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Obama warns Russia of 'further consequences'

Barack Obama
Barack Obama said Russia was not abiding by the "spirit or the letter" of the Geneva convention. Credit: Reuters

Russia has not abided "with the spirit or the letter" of the Geneva convention in its support for destabilising forces in eastern Ukraine, Barack Obama has said during his visit to Japan.

Speaking alongside Japanese Prime Minister Shinz? Abe, the US President warned that there would be "further consequences and we will ramp up further sanctions" if Russia did not de-escalate its tensions in the region.

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William thanks Australia in parliament speech

The Duke of Cambridge has given a speech to the Australian parliament in Canberra, praising the country as a rising "economic power house" and giving thanks for the "warmth and generosity" shown to them during their tour.

On the penultimate day, he also mentioned Prince George's love for a large wombat toy received during the trip.

ITV News' Royal Editor Tim Ewart reports:


Thought for the day from William in Oz: "The harder you work the luckier you get."


William reveals Prince George has been chewing the cuddly wombat toy he was given. No surprise there.

Clegg: Ukip 'peddle myths unchallenged'

Ukip have continued to "peddle their myths unchallenged for decades" claiming Britain's problems all stem from the EU.

Nick Clegg will warn Nigel Farage's party have "a dangerous fantasy" which will "jeopardise jobs" at a rally in Colchester:

Ukip and others have been allowed to peddle their myths unchallenged for decades, claiming that all of our problems would magically disappear if the UK just left the EU.

But it's a dangerous fantasy. It's the surest way to jeopardise jobs, risk our fragile economic recovery, and it will leave Britain alone and diminished in the world.

– Nick Clegg
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