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Nepal earthquake: Many killed at Everest basecamp

Some of those who died today in Nepal's devastating earthquake were killed at Everest base camp in the Himalayas.

The shock-waves so powerful, they created avalanches - sending thousands of tons of snow and rock cascading onto the tents and campers below.

ITV News Reporter David Wood reports:


Union accuses Ukip of being 'downright dangerous'

Beryl Shepherd will say in a speech on Sunday that Ukip are 'downright dangerous'. Credit: Philip Toscano / PA Archive/PA Images

President of the Communication Workers' Union (CWU), Beryl Shepherd, will accuse Ukip of being "downright dangerous" in a speech on the opening day of the organisation's annual conference in Bournemouth on Sunday.

She will say: "They are no friends of the trades union movement.

"It is a sobering moment when we hear Ukip supporters trying to endear themselves to the working class and that some people are persuaded by their rhetoric."

"They are not the party of the working class," she will say, branding the party as "downright dangerous".

Ms Shepherd is expected to add that much of the union's work could be "wasted" and its policies harder to deliver if any party other than Labour wins the general election.


Nepal earthquake: Briton feared missing on Everest named

Sebastian Lovera seen with his climbing partner Emil on a flight before their journey up Everest Credit: Greg Smye-Rumsby

One of the British nationals feared missing after an avalanche swept through Mount Everest during the Nepal earthquake has been named as Sebastian Lovera, 22, from Tonbridge in Kent.

His last known location was Khumjung on Tuesday, where he was heading towards Everest Base Camp on a light aircraft.

His parents told ITV News:

Sebastian is an extremely lively and self-motivating person and that is why he went to Nepal.

We haven't heard from him. He would not have switched his phone off. We have tried ringing it. Sometimes it rings and sometimes we get an answer but it's an automated answer. It says the phone is switched off.

He's certainly not a person to take risks. He's the absolute opposite.

– The parents of Sebastian Lovera.

Mr Lovera is described as being around 5ft 8in (172cm) tall, with dark blond/light brown hair and is said to be in excellent health. He was last seen with his climbing partner heading towards Everest base camp.

  1. London

Tear gas used on protesters after they storm into Brixton Police Station

A heavy police presence remains in Brixton Credit: @JessicaOmari

Police have used tear gas on protesters after they entered a police station in Brixton.

What was described as a "small group of protesters " by police entered the station at about 4pm.

They were removed by officers during which CS spray, a form of tear gas, was used.

No arrests in connection to the incident have been made and a high policing presence continues to be in place in the area.

Earlier, hundreds of people stormed Lambeth Town Hall as part of the protest against the 'gentrification' of the area.

They were removed by police but no-one was arrested.

The estate agents Foxtons in Brixton Road, has also had its window smashed with graffiti sprayed on the door saying "yuppies out".

One man has been arrested on suspicion of criminal damage in relation to this incident.

Buses have been diverted passed Lambeth Town Hall in Brixton Hill due to the protest.

The march, described as an attempt to 'Reclaim Brixton', is against soaring house prices meaning people from the area can no longer afford to live there.

The Reclaim Brixton campaign says that the increase in prices means that "social diversity is being driven out".

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"At approximately 3.15pm a group from the demonstration gained access to Brixton Town Hall.

"Officers entered the building and the protesters were removed. There were no arrests.

"A group of protesters then made their way to Brixton Road where the window of a commercial premises was smashed and graffiti sprayed on the building.

"One man has been arrested on suspicion of criminal damage in relation to this incident.

"Groups of protesters remain in the area.

"Officers remain on scene and continue to monitor proceedings."

– Met Police spokesman

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UK deploys humanitarian experts to help in Nepal

The UK has deployed a team of humanitarian experts to Nepal to provide urgent support for people affected by the earthquake, International Development Secretary Justine Greening has announced.

The eight-strong team will provide urgent humanitarian support for people affected by the disaster.

Disaster response specialists, including experts in search and rescue will travel to Nepal overnight and begin work assessing the scale of damage, and helping local authorities to direct the response.

Nepal needs our urgent humanitarian assistance. That is why we have rapidly deployed a team of humanitarian experts who will immediately begin work assessing the damage and helping the Nepalese authorities respond to this devastating earthquake.

– Justine Greening
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