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Family of ex-Tory minister praise health professionals

The family of former Conservative minister Sir David Mitchell, who died aged 86 following a long illness, have paid tribute to the health professionals who looked after him.

Former transport minister Sir David Mitchell.
Former transport minister Sir David Mitchell. Credit: PA

Sir David Mitchell, the former Member of Parliament for Hampshire North West and minister in the Thatcher governments has died today aged 86.

The family has expressed its gratitude to the health professionals and carers who enabled him to die peacefully in his own home.

– A family spokesman


Former Conservative minister Sir David Mitchell dies

Former Conservative minister Sir David Mitchell has died aged 86 following a long illness, his family has announced.

Sir David, who served under Margaret Thatcher in various departments including industry, transport and Northern Ireland, was the father of former Cabinet minister and current Tory MP Andrew Mitchell.

He was an MP from 1964 to 1997, representing Hampshire North West, and died at his home in Odiham, Hampshire, in the early hours of this morning.

Galloway released from hospital after attack

Controversial MP George Galloway has been released from hospital after he was battered and bruised in a street attack, police have said.

Credit: @ukrespectparty/Twitter/PA Wire

The pro-Palestine MP suffered a suspected broken jaw and rib as well as facial bruising when a man leapt at him and punched him after shouting about the Holocaust, his spokesman said.

A 39-year-old man arrested shortly afterwards on suspicion of assault occasioning actual bodily harm remained in police custody, a Metropolitan Police spokesman said.

EU leaders agree on more sanctions against Russia

European Union leaders have agreed to prepare "the next level of sanctions" against Russia in response to its intervention in Ukraine, German Vice-Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel said.

It is clear that after this intervention by Russia in Ukraine ... EU leaders will certainly task the European Commission with preparing the next level of sanctions.

– German Vice-Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel


Police search for missing boy turn attention to Spain

Police searching for a missing five-year-old boy, who has a brain tumour and was taken from hospital by his parents, have turned their attention towards Spain.

Ashya King's family have close links to Marbella and there were several sightings of their vehicle yesterday, Hampshire Constabulary assistant chief constable Chris Shead told ITV News.

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Earthquake hits near Icelandic volcano

A 5.4 magnitude earthquake struck near the Icelandic volcano Bardabunga this morning, the Icelandic Met Office said.

Bardarbunga volcano system in Iceland pictured on Friday. Credit: Reuters

Several tremors at the Bardabunga volcano over the past two weeks have prompted fears of a repeat of 2010 when the majority of airspace across Europe was closed for six days due to a volcanic eruption.

They earthquake is possibly related to subsidence of the volcano, the office said.

Ukraine: More military equipment sent from Russia

Russia continues to send more military equipment and "mercenaries" into eastern Ukraine, Ukraine's Defence and security council said.

The council's officials called Russia's actions a "direct military aggression."

Pro-Russian rebels
Pro-Russian separatists on patrol near the city of Donetsk. Credit: Reuters

Nato Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said on Friday Russian forces were engaged in direct military operations inside Ukraine in a "blatant violation of Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity."

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