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Footage shows chaos moments after Hoboken train crash

  • Footage: James Leight

Several short videos taken by someone in Hoboken train station shows the impact of the train crash on the terminal structure and on passengers in the vicinity.

The ceiling of the terminal can clearly be seen collapsed onto the train and the platform ground in the footage.

The videos also show emergency services responding, and stunned victims being treated outside the station in the immediate aftermath of the accident.

Kerry 'extremely concerned' about direction of Syrian war

John Kerry said the bombing of Aleppo in Syria is 'inexcusable'. Credit: Washington Ideas Forum

US Secretary of State John Kerry has said he is "extremely concerned" about where the conflict in Syria is going.

Speaking at the Washington Ideas Forum, Mr Kerry added that the bombing of Aleppo is "inexcusable and indiscriminate" and "completely against the laws of war".

He reiterated the threat to stop talking with Russia if progress is not made to end the war, saying that there will have to be a moment when the US pursues "other alternatives" on Syria if the conflicting parties do not change course.


Hoboken train went 'way too fast' and 'jumped the track'

A shocked man covered in blood pictured at the train station in Hoboken. Credit: Twitter/CoreyFuttDesign

A businessman has described how a commuter train going "way too fast" crashed into the station at Hoboken, New Jersey.

David Potter, 29, was in the station when the train "jumped the track", adding: "The ceiling looked like it was caved in with wires hanging, and people were running.

"An officer led us to the street where they began closing everything off. Ambulances [and] police officers were covering the scene and people were laying down outside hurt."

Mr Potter regularly uses the station for his work commute, said that he saw an "older gentleman" who was "bloody on his face" being sat down and talked to by ambulance personnel and an officer.


Three seriously injured in Hoboken train crash

The scene of the crash. Credit: Reuters

Three people are being treated for serious injuries following the Hoboken train crash.

A spokesperson for Jersey Medical Centre, where those injured in the crash have been taken, said those in a serious condition were being treated by trauma surgeons for orthopaedic and internal injuries, and "deep lacerations".

The spokesperson added that around 10 other patients were being treated in the emergency room, while 40 walk-in patients were being evaluated.

They continued that the situation in the hospital was "all hands-on-deck" and that they were not expecting any more patients.

Two confirmed dead after train crash

Two people have been confirmed to have died following a train crash at Hoboken train station in New Jersey, local news sources have said.

Earlier it was reported that three people had died but it has now been revised, WNBC reports.

One of the dead is believed to be a young woman in her thirties who was standing on the platform at the time of the crash.

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