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Broadcasters to go ahead with planned TV debates

Broadcasters have said they will go ahead without TV debates plan Credit: PA Wire

Broadcasters are to go ahead with the three televised leaders' debates despite the Prime Minister saying he will only take part in one.

In a statement the broadcasters said: "Some 22 million people watched the leaders' debates in 2010 and there is a public desire and expectation for them to happen again in 2015.

"The broadcasters proposals have come after extensive work over the last six months to ensure the public have the opportunity to watch televised election debates once more.

"The group have worked in an independent, impartial manner, treating invited parties on an equitable basis. They have listened to the views expressed by all parties and adapted the proposals to take into account electoral support."

They added: "The broadcasters will continue to work closely with all parties invited to take part in the televised debates to bring them to their millions of viewers across the UK.

"The heads of news of all four broadcasters would welcome the opportunity to meet Mr Cameron, or his representatives, to discuss the debates."

It comes after Mr Cameron proposed a "final offer" of taking part in one TV debate involving all seven political party leaders.


NASA Dawn probe enters orbit around Ceres

The Dawn probe has entered orbit around the dwarf planet Ceres as planned.

The small planet is the largest body in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

Green Party pledges free social care for all over 65s

Social care for all over 65s would be free under the Green Party, leader Natalie Bennett has announced.

In a speech to the party's spring conference in Liverpool, Bennett said the policy would become a manifesto pledge because it was vital in a "decent, humane" society.

Green Party leader Natalie Bennett addresses the party conference. Credit: ITV News

A vote for the Greens would be a vote for "hope not fear"', she told the audience.

"This election can be a turning point in history. The moment where we can deliver a better Britain, a Britain which works for its people. A Britain which cares," she said.


'Santa' man wins sacking claim against Dow Jones

Credit: PA

A 53-year-old who claimed he was branded an "old buffer" and made to dress up as Santa while working at Dow Jones has won his unfair dismissal claim against the firm.

Accounts manager James McClellan, 53, claimed he was sidelined and forced out of his job in the payroll department at the Rupert-Murdoch owned publishing giant.

He told Central London Employment Tribunal his manager Azmina Airi had branded him "rigid and stuck in my ways" after she was appointed in October 2013.

Less than a year later, Mr McClellan said he was forced to resign from his £72,000-a-year job as it had become impossible.

The tribunal panel found he had been constructively and unfairly dismissed.

But they said while he may have been "hurt" to be asked to be Santa, it did not find he was the victim of ageism or sexism.

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