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Parents: 'Your kids are your responsibility'

A group of parents agreed they would not leave their young children unsupervised during their school holidays if they were unable to find suitable care for them.

Good Morning Britain spoke to parents dropping their children off at a school holiday club and found all of them said they would not leave their youngsters look after themselves while they went off to work.

Queen to formally open Commonwealth Games

The Queen, as head of the Commonwealth, is to formally open the Games in Glasgow today. The spectacle is said to be by organisers, as the most prestigious live event in Scotland.

Queen Elizabeth to formally open Commonwealth Games
Queen Elizabeth to formally open Commonwealth Games Credit: PA

Michael Cavanagh, the Commonwealth Games Scotland chairman, said:

What we are about to deliver in Glasgow, I think, will be the best ever Commonwealth Games, for sure.

We have learned from Manchester and particularly London 2012, but we are ready to deliver something spectacular.

– Michael Cavanagh, Commonwealth Games Scotland chairman


StubHub was 'victim of cyber fraud ring'

eBay Inc's StubHub online ticket resale service said it was the victim of a massive international cyber fraud ring, the details of which authorities plan to disclose on Wednesday as they announce arrests in the case.

General view of tickets
General view of tickets Credit: PA

StubHub's head of global communications, Glenn Lehrman, told Reuters that his firm has been working with law enforcement around the world for the last year on the case.

Mr Lehrman said he could not say how much money was involved or how many people were being charged ahead of announcements planned by authorities in several countries today.

Clinton: MH17 shot down by 'the other side'

Former US president Bill Clinton told an international AIDS conference in Melbourne that countries should not weaken their resolve to bring those responsible for the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 to justice.

He said: "Those who shot them down and provided the means to do so represents the other side in our struggle to define the terms of our interdependence".

One quarter of parents 'quit job to care for child'

Some 25% of parents told a Good Morning Britain and OnePoll survey they had given up work to care for their child because they were unable to find a suitable alternative.

The poll also found:

  • Over a third have ever left their child/children (aged between 4-16) home alone.
  • Almost a fifth (19%) say they consider a child aged 9 and under to be safe to be left alone.
  • One quarter spend more than £101 on childcare every week during the summer holidays.
  • The average spend on summer childcare is £62.52 per week.


Downton Abbey to return for fifth season on US TV

Downton Abbey will be back for its fifth season on January 4, US broadcaster PBS said - but the return date for another hit British series Sherlock is up in the air.

Downton Abbey to return to US TV
Downton Abbey to return to US TV Credit: ITV

PBS chief executive Paula Kerger said of the show starring Benedict Cumberbath: "We will have to wait to know when it's finished and available."

All episodes of Ken Burns' The Roosevelts, for instance, will be available for streaming the day after the first episode airs on September 14. "Downton Abbey will have some surprises in it. I think you know what's going to happen to the Roosevelts," said Ms Kerger.

Largely fine and warm with isolated showers in south

Largely fine and very warm. Isolated thunderstorms in the south.
Largely fine and very warm. Isolated thunderstorms in the south. Credit: Met Office

After a grey start for many eastern and central areas, most places will have another fine day with plenty of sunshine.

Very warm temperatures may allow some isolated thundery showers to spread westwards across the south, with the odd shower possible further north as well. Northeastern coasts will hold on to the dull and cooler conditions for much of the day.

UN chief's 'hopes' for end to fighting in Gaza

The UN Secretary General said it is his "hope and belief" that his emergency mission to the Middle East will lead to an end to the fighting between Hamas and Israel.


Photo: Ban Ki-moon w/ Palestinian leaders in Ramallah - recap of Tuesday's activities is here:


Ban Ki-moon told the Security Council by video conference from the West Bank city of Ramallah that he could not publicly reveal details "at this highly sensitive moment".

"Suffice it to say, it is my hope and belief that these talks will lead to results and an end to the fighting in the very near future," Mr Ban said. But he warned: "Of course there are many obstacles and complexities."

Mr Ban stressed that a ceasefire without addressing the root causes of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will only delay the problem for yet another time.

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