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Guatemala landslide: 95 dead and 300 still missing

Mexican Army rescue team members and sniffer dogs survey an area affected by the mudslide. Credit: Reuters

Final rescue efforts have resumed for more than 300 people still believed missing after a huge landslide in Guatemala.

At least 95 people have been confirmed dead in the disaster on the southeast of Guatemala City, and that toll is expected to rise further still.

The El Cambray II neighbourhood which was battered by the landslide lies at the bottom of a deep ravine and is surrounded by trees.

Authorities had been warned about building homes in the area when it was established in 1999, but the town kept growing regardless.


Hollande declares state of natural disaster after flooding

A man wades through the flood water Credit: Reuters

President Francois Holland has declared a state of "natural disaster" after violent storms caused flash flooding in the French Riviera leaving 16 dead and three missing.

Three elderly people drowned when their retirement home flooded.

Others were caught in underground carparks and under bridges and were unable to escape the rising floodwaters as the river Brague burst its banks.

President Francois Hollande paid an emergency visit to the region to promise government aid for victims.

A submerged car caught in the floodwater Credit: Reuters

Around 500 people, many of them British and Danish tourists, were stranded at Nice airport overnight after the equivalent of two months' of rain poured down on the popular tourist region in just two hours.

Nice's mayor's office estimated the city had received 10 percent of its average annual rainfall in the past two days alone.


Corbyn: Spitting at journalists 'inexcusable'

Jeremy Corbyn has condemned alleged incidents of spitting at journalists outside the Conservative party conference.

Mr Corbyn is due to break with convention tomorrow when he speaks at a protest meeting near the conference in Manchester.

After today's claims of unseemly behaviour, the Labour leader echoed the sentiments of TUC leader Frances O'Grady, who had described spitting as "inexcusable".

A spokesperson for Mr Corbyn said: "Jeremy strongly agrees with Frances O'Grady: what has happened is inexcusable and journalists must be able to do their job."

Hammond: Britain needs 'clarity' Assad won't be part of Syria's future

Philip Hammond speaking at the Conservative Party conference Credit: PA

Britain needs "absolute clarity" that Assad will not be part of Syria's future, the Foreign Secretary said.

Philip Hammond rubbished plans put forward by Russia and Iran for elections, saying Syria was "a million miles away" from being able to hold a free and fair vote.

In a country where 250,000 people have been killed and 12 million people have been displaced, half of them outside the country - how can you talk about free and fair elections?

– Philip Hammond

Supercar loses control at a motor show injuring 26 spectators

The crashed Porsche Credit: Karanja Earl Simmons

A supercar lost control at a motor show in Malta and careened into a crowd injuring more than 20 spectators.

The Porsche 918 Spyder car was driving at high speed when it clipped the grass and lurched into the crowd.

Five of the injured were in critical condition, while at least nine - including the driver - suffered fractures or cuts requiring hospital treatment, officials said.

The car was taking part in a Maltese charity road show and was driving along an unused airport taxiway in the Hal Farrug district.

At one point the car's back wheel clipped the grass along the runway's edge and the car skidded out of control, careening into the barriers and crowd.

The rest of the charity show was cancelled.

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