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Kate: Australia trip will always be fondly remembered

The Duchess of Cambridge has thanked Australia for the warm welcome she and baby Prince George have received and said the visit "will always be remembered with fond and happy memories".

The Duchess of Cambridge (right) visits children and relatives at Bear Cottage in Sydney Credit: Mark Large/PA

Kate, who was visiting a children's hospice in Sydney with William, praised many people including prime minister Tony Abbott and thousands of well-wishers who have greeted the Cambridges since their tour began a few days ago.

The Duchess toured Sydney's Bear Cottage - one of only two children's hospices in Australia - and praised the centre as a "haven" that was "inspirational".

Kate, who is royal patron of East Anglia's Children's Hospice (Each), said in a speech: "If I may, I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has welcomed me and George so incredibly warmly on our first visit.

"To be here together as a family has been very special and we will always remember it with fond and happy memories."

The Duchess added: "First class delivery of children's palliative care is life changing. When families are confronted with the shattering news that their children have a life limiting condition, their world can fall apart. It is at those times that professional support is imperative."

Pictures: Duke and Duchess watch life-saving displays on beach


Diver: 'We can't see the ship's white colour'

A diver tasked with getting information from the sunken ferry has told relatives that they "cannot even see the ship's white colour".

Divers prepare for a search and rescue operation for the South Korean ferry "Sewol". Credit: REUTERS/Issei Kato

Diver Kim Chun-il said that two divers had to return to the surface when an air pump stopped and said strong tides were impeding the rescue and that the divers are only "touching the hull with their hands."

Rescuers have pumped air into the vessel, but divers have not yet entered areas of the ship where many of the missing are believed to be.

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Nepal Tourism Ministry: 'Nine killed, many missing'

An avalanche that swept down a slope of Mount Everest at the beginning of the main climbing season, has killed nine Nepali mountaineering guides, a Tourism Ministry official said.

The avalanche hit the most popular route to the mountain's peak and three Nepali guides were injured and some people may be missing, Tilak Ram Pandey, an official at the ministry's mountaineering department said.

(File photo) Climbers ascending from the snowy left side the mountain. Credit: REUTERS/David Gray

Madhusudan Burlakoti, a senior official at the ministry, said helicopters and rescuers on foot had been sent to the site.

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Duke and Duchess watch life-saving displays on Manly Beach

The Duke and Duchess have viewed a surf life-saving display as well as meeting volunteers at the popular Manly Beach in Sydney.

The Dutchess went down onto the beach and watched the performance, acting out a race to the sea front like a life guard.

Britain's Duchess of Cambridge, runs across Manly beach imitating the life guards. Credit: REUTERS/Phil Noble

The Royal couple are currently on their twelfth day of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's official tour to New Zealand and Australia.

The Duchess of Cambridge runs across the beach Credit: Anthony Devlin/PA

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Relatives wait for a glimmer of hope regarding survivors

South Korean families and friends of missing students aboard a sunken ferry await any news on survivors at Danwon High School, as the search continues for about 270 missing passengers

Many have slept in the gymnasium throughout the ordeal.

Video shown below in South Korean:

One 21 year old alumni Kim Yankg-Eun said on the phone:

"She is such a caring girl, so she must have asked other people to evacuate first leaving herself behind. She must be inside the ship waiting for rescuers with her friends"

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Four cranes arrive to lift sunken South Korean ship

Four seaborne cranes have arrived to salvage the sunken South Korean ferry as the search continues for 270 missing passengers.

Rescue and recovery attempts were continuing on Friday, but the work was expected to be slow.

One of the four cranes arrive to lift the wreckage. Credit: RTV

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Captain evacuating first goes against 'common sense'

The captain of the South Korean ferry who was not at he the helm as it capsized and evacuated the ship before passengers was "going against tradition" and "common sense", a maritime expert told Daybreak.

Chris Ware also commented on reports the third officer was at the helm as the ship ran into trouble, saying an officer of that ranking should be "competent" enough to help evacuate passengers.

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