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Millions of pounds of fake cash discovered in Manchester

Counterfeit notes found in police operation Credit: Greater Manchester Police

Police have recovered over £2 million of counterfeit cash in an operation targeting fraudsters.

Officers investigating a multi-million pound jewellery fraud stopped four men at the Portland Thistle Hotel shortly after 2pm on Saturday 20 December 2014.

They were in possession of over £2 million of counterfeit Euros, around £50,000 of legitimate Euros and over £100,000 of high value watches.

The men were subsequently arrested on suspicion of fraud and remain in police custody for questioning.

This type of crime causes a lot of harm to legitimate businesses and I hope the action this weekend reassures local businesses and residents we are committed to tackling organised crime in all its guises.

– Detective Inspector Rob Cousen from the Serious and Organised Crime Group

Anyone who believes they have been a victim of fraud should contact police on 101.

Elton John and David Furnish legally married

Sir Elton John and his partner David Furnish have now legally married, with the musical legend posting a picture on his Instagram of the pair with their marriage certificate.

The couple have already had a civil partnership in 2005 but decided early this year to get married, following the passage of legislation on equal marriage earlier this year.

May wants students to 'leave the country' for new visa

A Sunday Times source close to the Home Secretary told the newspaper that Theresa May wants anyone in the UK on a student visa to have to "leave the country" to apply for a new visa:

Making sure immigrants leave Britain at the end of their visa is as important a part of running a fair and efficient immigration system as controlling who comes here in the first place.

Theresa is pressing for the next Conservative manifesto to contain a policy that will make sure that anybody coming here on a student visa will have to leave the country in order to apply for a new visa of any kind.

– Sunday Times source

The newspaper reported that the Home Secretary wants a Conservative government to "move towards zero net student migration".


Special plans to help veterans who end up in prison

The Government is planning tailored support for veterans in prison. Credit: Gareth Copley/PA Wire

From January every prisoner coming into custody in England and Wales will be asked whether they have served in the armed forces as part of an effort to improve the way veterans are treated in the justice system.

The move follows a review by Tory MP and QC Stephen Phillips, who found that knowledge about the needs of former service personnel in the justice system was "patchy" and appropriate training was "a matter of luck".

Justice Secretary Chris Grayling said veterans would now be identified at an early stage and offered a "tailored approach" to turn them away from crime.

May considering plans to make foreign graduates leave UK

Home Secretary Theresa May. Credit: Daniel Leal-Olivas/PA Wire

Foreign students could face being sent back to their home countries after their courses finish under hardline plans reportedly being considered by Home Secretary Theresa May.

TThe move would mean non-European Union (EU) students would have to return home in order to apply for a work visa if they wanted to continue to live in the UK after they graduated.

The Sunday Times reported that Mrs May wants a future Conservative government to "move towards zero net student migration" by sending home those who come to Britain on student visas.

NHS England: No decision on ambulances 'until next year'

NHS England has insisted no decisions have yet been taken on raising target times for ambulances for patients whose condition is not life-threatening.

The service's Head of Acute Care, Professor Keith Willett, said any decision on the proposals would not be taken until 2015.

Any operational changes to ensure ambulances reach sickest patients even quicker would need to be proposed by the senior doctors running ambulance services and agreed by the NHS nationally. No such decisions have been taken on their proposals, nor will they be - one way or the other - until next year.

– Prof Keith Willett, Head of NHS Acute Care

Burnham: 'Serious questions' to answer on ambulance times

Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham says Jeremy Hunt has "very serious questions" to answer about proposals to raise ambulance waiting times.

He has written to Health Secretary accusing him of having "deliberately kept Parliament in the dark" over the plans.

However, Mr Hunt has insisted there are no plans to implement the changes, which would see target times for non-critical cases raises from eight minutes to 19.

Mr Burnham said:

It is outrageous that he decided to keep MPs and the public in the dark about a decision he had already taken and one which will have far-reaching implications across the NHS.

Patients are already waiting hours on end for ambulances to arrive. People will struggle to understand how, in the middle of a crisis, it makes sense for the Government to make a panic decision to relax 999 standards and leave patients waiting even longer.

This leak leaves Jeremy Hunt with extremely serious questions to answer. He must do so today. The NHS is in a dangerous position and crying out for leadership. Jeremy Hunt must start providing it or make way for someone else who will.

– Andy Burnham
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