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Israel military source: Ceasefire in Gaza 'unlimited'

Israel's halt of fire in the Gaza Strip is "unlimited," a military source has said, as fighting with Palestinian militants abated.

"The halt of fire is defined as unlimited, and we continue to tackle the tunnels," the source said, referring to a network of underground passages Israel says are used by Hamas gunmen to attack Israelis and store weapons.

Weather: Showery in parts, with flooding in south-east

Temperatures will reach a high of 25C in the south.
Temperatures will reach a high of 25C in the south.

Some showers, which may be heavy, will continue this morning over Wales and southwest England, but these areas will become largely fine this afternoon.

Some heavy, slow-moving and at times thundery showers across East Anglia and the south-east will bring some localized flooding.

Elsewhere it will be mostly dry with sunny spells, away from the far north of Scotland, where it will remain overcast and misty.

In the sunshine it will feel quite warm with a high of 25C (77F) across the south.


Extinction of dinosaurs caused by 'colossal bad luck'

The extinction of the dinosaurs was caused by a wave of "colossal bad luck", new research suggests.

Credit: Reuters

If the asteroid strike had hit a few million years earlier when food chains were stronger and range of species bigger, dinosaurs would have stood a greater chance of survival, paleontologists led by the University of Edinburgh found.

However a combination of factors - including increased volcanic activity, changing sea levels and varying temperatures meant the strike occurred "at the worst possible time".

"The dinosaurs were victims of colossal bad luck," Dr Steve Brusatte, of the University of Edinburgh's School of GeoSciences, said.

"Not only did a giant asteroid strike, but it happened at the worst possible time, when their ecosystems were vulnerable."

Overstretched GP services 'will only get worse'

The crisis brewing in GP services from chronic under investment "will only get worse," according to Good Morning Britain's resident health expert.

Dr Hilary Jones, who is himself a GP, said overstretched services were the result of higher patient demand, an ageing population, and a lack of GPs all contributed to the crisis.

His comments come as the Royal College of General Practitioners warned GP surgeries in England will turn away patients over 50 million times next year as practices become increasingly overstretched.

Money from parking charges 'go back into community'

Councils charging fees for parking solely to make a profit "is a misconception" as any money generated has to go back into the community, a Local Government Association spokesman told Good Morning Britain.

Any parking charges handed out on the street had to be spent on road and pavement upkeep and money collected in car parks "is used on essential services".

Japanese schoolgirl 'dismembers classmate'

A Japanese schoolgirl has been arrested on suspicion of murdering and dismembering her classmate.

PA Wire
The suspect was arrested in Sasebo city on Saturday. Credit: PA Wire

Police said the 15-year-old used a metal instrument to beat the girl, also aged 15, before strangling her.

She then cut off the victim's head and left hand, the Kyodo news agency reported.

Her body was reportedly found on a bed in the apartment of the suspect, who lived alone.

Investigators said the teenager, who was arrested in Sasebo city on Saturday, told officers: "I did it all by myself".


Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to arrive at Games

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will arrive in Glasgow today to watch the fifth day of action at the Commonwealth Games.

PA Wire
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are due to arrive in Glasgow today. Credit: PA Wire

The royal couple will watch alongside Prince Harry at a number of events.

Spectators will be able to watch athletics, badminton, boxing, gymnastics, hockey, lawn bowls, netball, shooting, squash, swimming, table tennis and weightlifting.

The equivalent of the entire population of Glasgow passed through the city's main train station during an action-packed weekend at the Games.

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UN call for 'immediate and unconditional' Gaza truce

The UN Security Council has urged Israel and Hamas to agree an "immediate and unconditional ceasefire" in Gaza.

In a statement, agreed to by all 15 members, the council said a truce "into the Eid period and beyond" was necessary to allow the delivery of "urgently needed assistance" in Gaza.

Diplomatic efforts for an effective ceasefire have failed so far. Credit: Reuters

Some 1,030 Palestinians, mostly civilians, and 46 Israelis have been killed since the violence began nearly three weeks ago.

The council expressed "grave concern regarding the deterioration in the situation as a result of the crisis related to Gaza and the loss of civilian lives and casualties".

US President Barack Obama yesterday called for an "immediate and unconditional ceasefire" in a phone call with Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Strike during passport backlog 'will jeopardise holidays'

Industrial action by passport office workers "will jeopardise holidays" as efforts to process the backlog of applications continue, the Government has said.

A Home Office spokesperson said:

We are disappointed the PCS leadership has called this strike given that HMPO has been in discussions with the union on their issues of concern.

Holding a strike at this stage is irresponsible and will only inconvenience our customers and jeopardise their holidays.

We strongly urge PCS to reconsider this action which is not in the interests of staff or the general public they are dedicated to serving.

HM Passport Office staff know how important it is to hard-working people and their families to receive their passports in time for their summer holidays.

– Home Office spokesperson

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Passport workers to strike as backlog continues

Thousands of passport workers will join a strike in a row over staff shortages as efforts to clear an ongoing backlog continued.

Passport Office staff are set to strike today as efforts to clear a huge backlog in applications continues. Credit: PA Wire

The Passport Office said the highest demand for applications in 12 years caused the long delays in processing passports.

Extra staff had to be drafted in to cope, while Home Secretary Theresa May was forced to apologise to those affected.

The Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) said poor staffing levels were partly responsible for the backlog of passport applications, claiming numbers had dropped by more than 300 since 2010.

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