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Minister: Tackling gender pay gap 'critical' for equality

Women's Minister Nicky Morgan said that the government's gender pay gap league tables is to promote transparency in the workplace.

She said that firms should "think very hard" about female representation in the workplace, particularly in senior positions.

"Why would any company want to miss out on 50 per cent of the talent that is available?" she said in an interview with Good Morning Britain.

She added that as Education Secretary, she wanted to encourage girls to be informed and encouraged in school on subjects that are "traditionally seen as more male dominated."

If we want to see true equality and opportunity, things like attacking the gender pay gap, having that transparency about what companies and public sector organisations are paying their male and female employees is critical in changing some very outdated notions that we still have.

– Minister for Women and Equality, Nicky Morgan


Sian Blake murder suspect arrested at Heathrow

Police have arrested a man on suspicion of murdering former Eastenders actress Sian Blake and her children Zachery and Amon.

Arthur Simpson-Kent was arrested at Heathrow Airport this morning after arriving in the UK on a flight from Ghana, the Metropolitan Police said.

He is currently in police custody at a west London police station.


E-cigarette warning for pregnant women

Credit: PA

Pregnant women who smoke may harm their babies' brain development if they turn to e-cigarettes to satisfy their nicotine craving, scientists have warned.

New research suggests that e-cigarette vapour may be as damaging as tobacco smoke to the nervous systems of the foetus or newborn infant.

Early findings, based on studies of mice, show that exposure to volatile chemicals from the devices disrupts the activity of thousands of genes in the developing frontal cortex, the brain region responsible for higher mental functions.

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