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Met Office 'in close contact' with Iceland over volcano

The Met Office has been in "close contact" with Iceland's Meterological Office, after it issued a red alert for the country's Bardabunga volcano which began erupting today. A spokeswoman said:

We are in close contact with the Icelandic Met Office, but currently they tell us that the eruptions are sub-glacial, so no ash has made it to the surface.

If ash does make it to the surface, we will run our model which will indicate where any ash would go, and we will inform the CAA and Nats. They will then make the decision on how that will affect any air flights.

– Met Office


Large 'waterspout' captured over the River Mersey

Huge waterspout spotted over River Mersey on an offshore windfarm
Huge 'waterspout' spotted over River Mersey on an offshore windfarm Credit: Phil Keating

A huge 'waterspout' was spotted over River Mersey near Liverpool yesterday ahead of the Bank Holiday weekend getaway.

The unusual phenomenon descends from a cloud, and does not "spout" from the water despite its name.

Phil Keating, team leader with the offshore emergency response team at the wind farm, captured the tornado-like phenomenon, as the Met Office issues a yellow warning for severe weather over the Bank Holiday weekend.

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Aviation body 'better prepared' for Iceland volcano

Aviation chiefs are confident that the UK is much better prepared to deal with a potential ash cloud crisis than it was four years ago.

Volcanic ash can adversely affect aircraft in a number of ways. Jet aircraft engines in particular are susceptible to damage from volcanic ash.

That's why there are comprehensive safety arrangements in place. As a result of the work that has been undertaken since the 2010 ash crisis and arrangements that have been put in place since, we are confident that high levels of public safety can be maintained, while minimising disruption.

– Civil Aviation Authority

Briton living in Sierra Leone contracts Ebola virus

A British national living in Sierra Leone has tested positive for the Ebola virus and is currently being assessed by medical experts, the Department of Health has said.

Professor John Watson, Deputy Chief Medical Officer, said:

The overall risk to the public in the UK continues to be very low. Medical experts are currently assessing the situation in Sierra Leone to ensure that appropriate care is provided.

We have robust, well-developed and well-tested NHS systems for managing unusual infectious diseases when they arise, supported by a wide range of experts.

– Professor John Watson, Deputy Chief Medical Officer


Iceland's Bardarbunga volcano 'erupting'

An air traffic monitoring site has reported that plumes of smoke have become "visible" from the Bardarbunga volcano in Iceland, after the country raised its aviation alert to red.


Iceland's #Bardarbunga volcano has erupted. So far, air traffic ban is limited although situation is being monitored


easyJet 'puts contingency plans in action' over volcano

easyJet said it is putting its contingency plans into action following a volcanic eruption in Iceland.

"As things stand there are no changes to easyJet's flying programme, including flights to and from Iceland," a spokesperson for the airline said.

easyJet plane
easyJet said it is putting its contingency plans into action. Credit: PA

The budget airline said it is using specialist technology to ensure any ash created by the eruption is detected and chartered.

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