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Prince William registers Princess Charlotte's birth

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have formally registered the birth of Princess Charlotte.

The Duke of Cambridge signed the birth register at Kensington Palace this afternoon witnessed by a Registrar from Westminster Register Office.

William registers Princess Charlotte's birth Credit: John Stillwell/PA Wire


Reporters critical of Fifa arrested and detained in Qatar

A group of German TV journalists have been arrested and detained in Qatar for working on a documentary about Sepp Blatter and Fifa's decision to award the 2022 World Cup to the Arab state.

ARD German TV reporter Florian Bauer had been working on a film called ‘The Selling of Football: Sepp Blatter and the Power of Fifa,’ which threatened to bring fresh allegations against Fifa's 2022 voting process.

Reporters working for both ARD and WDR were shooting parts of the documentary when they were allegedly arrested, detained and had all of their equipment confiscated.

WDR said in a statement the employees were released 14 hours later, but all of the data had been deleted when it was returned, with some of the equipment also physically damaged.

The WDR team wrote:

We were arrested while shooting with workers in the Qatari capital, Doha, then interrogated by the State Security and only released after 14 hours.

The WDR employees were not allowed to leave Qatar for five days. The camera equipment, laptops and personal mobile phones were confiscated and returned only with a four-week delay. All data has been deleted and pieces of equipment have been damaged.

– German TV company WDR

Stone 'does not mean Miliband will keep to pledges'

Ed Miliband carving his manifesto into stone does not mean a Labour government would keep to the promises, the party's campaign boss has suggested.

Ed Miliband standing next to his much-maligned stone. Credit: PA Wire

Lucy Powell said Mr Miliband stood by his pledges but added: "I don't think anyone is suggesting that the fact that he's carved them into stone means, you know, that he will absolutely, you know, not going to break them or anything like that."

Her political rivals were quick to seize on the comments with the Conservative Party chairman Grant Shapps saying: "£30,000 worth of limestone doesn't change the fact that Ed Miliband will say one thing and do another."

Ms Powell later tweeted that she had been misquoted during her appearance on BBC Radio 5 Live.

The 8ft high stone was widely mocked after its unveiling at the weekend, with David Cameron labelling it a "tombstone".

Former IRA commander shot dead in Belfast

A former IRA commander was shot dead in Belfast this morning.

Gerard "Jock" Davison was shot in the republican Markets area near the city centre.

Police in Welsh Street, in the Markets area near Belfast city centre following the fatal shooting of Gerard Credit: PA/PA Wire

It is understood the victim, a father of three, was making his way to a community centre from which he worked when he was attacked.

Sinn Fein South Belfast MLA Alex Maskey said: "What we have had here today is a very brutal killing of a local man.

"He is a very well-known person in this area. His family are well-known and he is very well-regarded in this area as a long-standing republican."

He said the family, who live in the area, were "very distressed", but he declined to speculate on who was behind the shooting.

I am not blaming anybody. I am not getting into any sort of speculation but quite clearly the people who killed this man this morning have robbed the community of a valuable worker and robbed a family of a loving family member.

Clearly they have nothing to offer.

– Alex Maskey

Lib Dems warn of 'another election before Christmas'

Nick Clegg is currently embarking on a Land's End to John O'Groats campaign marathon. Credit: PA

Nick Clegg predicted that the UK will face another General Election before Christmas if the Liberal Democrats do not form part of a coalition government following this week's poll.

The Lib Dem leader said it would be impossible for a minority government to pass key legislation without signing off controversial concessions to the SNP and Ukip.

A party statement said a second election in 2015 would be "almost inevitable" without the Lib Dems in parliament.

Everybody knows that no one will win this election – even if David Cameron and Ed Miliband won’t admit it publicly.

If they try to stagger through with a messy and unstable minority government instead of putting the country first then they will risk all the hard work and sacrifices people have made over the last five years.

The last thing Britain needs is a second election before Christmas. But that is exactly what will happen if Ed Miliband and David Cameron put their own political interest ahead of the national interest.

The only party that will ensure stability is the Liberal Democrats.

– Nick Clegg


Britons donate £38m to DEC Nepal Earthquake Appeal

Britons have donated £38 million to the Disasters Emergency Committee Nepal Earthquake Appeal, the group of 13 UK aid charities confirmed.

Army dousing a partially collapsed house in Kathmandu, Nepal. Credit: PA

Chief executive Saleh Saeed said: “Supplies are arriving from India by road and at the one international airport, but damage to the runway is slowing the process. Fuel shortages, limited electricity, damaged roads and landslides are also hampering efforts."

It said the funds would enable DEC members to scale up efforts to reach more of the estimated eight million people affected by the devastating earthquake, which struck west of the capital Kathmandu on April 25.

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