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How Safe Is Your Beach?

As stricter EU regulations come into force next year, Tonight investigates the quality of the bathing water on Britain's beaches.

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Tonight: How bad is your driving?

Tonight reporter Aasmah Mir asks whether we really are more careless and less considerate on the roads than we used to be.

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Living With Dementia

The Tonight programme investigates dementia in the UK, the scale of the problem and how families can be helped to cope with the disease.

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What Ukraine needs is leadership free from corruption

by - Europe Editor

This is a revolution that is over - but not yet complete. It is over because Yanukovich cannot and will not come back. Not complete because we do not yet know how the east of the country is going to react.

There does not seem to be any great rising in support of Yanukovich in the Russian speaking east.

As for what comes next, Yulia Tymoshenko has governed this country before, she was widely considered to be both corrupt and pretty incompetent. Her charisma may mean that she gets to rule again here.

Ukrainian opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko looks on during a rally of anti-government protesters.
Ukrainian opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko looks on during a rally of anti-government protesters. Credit: Reuters

But what this country needs more than anything is leadership free of the persistent and endemic corruption that has impoverished this nation.

I'm afraid that even after everything that has happened here, they may not get it.

Watch: Ukraine's freed Tymoshenko takes to the stage


One in six not confident future NHS needs will be met

A survey of 1,000 patients, conducted on behalf of accountancy firm KPMG, reveals concerns about the NHS' capabilities to provide long-term healthcare in the future.

  • 82 percent believe the Government should pay for long-term care.
  • 54.4% agree that taxes have to increase to ensure long-term healthcare needs are met.
  • Around one in six (16.4%) are not confident that the NHS would be able to meet their needs in the future.
  • Only 12% said they were 'very confident' that it could meet their long-term healthcare needs.
  • One in 10 patients believe they will have to pay for their healthcare in the future.
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