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How Safe Is Your Beach?

As stricter EU regulations come into force next year, Tonight investigates the quality of the bathing water on Britain's beaches.

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Tonight: How bad is your driving?

Tonight reporter Aasmah Mir asks whether we really are more careless and less considerate on the roads than we used to be.

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Living With Dementia

The Tonight programme investigates dementia in the UK, the scale of the problem and how families can be helped to cope with the disease.

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Directors' pay rises seven times faster than average

FTSE 100 directors' pay has risen over seven times faster than average wages, pay analysts have said.

According to Incomes Data Services (IDS), non-executive chairmen of top companies received average pay rises of six per cent last year, giving them earnings of nearly £400,000.

FTSE 100 directors' pay has risen over seven times faster than average wages Credit: Dave Thompson/PA Wire

The research has revealed that among FTSE firms, average fees ranged from £270,000 in technology businesses to over half a million pounds in oil and gas companies.

Average fees for non-executive directors increased by four per cent last year, to £64,000.

Law Society: Divorce is 'inherently difficult area of law'

A member of the Law Society has responded to claims that divorce is hard for couples because of spiralling costs and 'poor legal advice.'

He said that divorce was "an inherently difficult area of law" due to the emotions involved.

As the report acknowledges, expectations about what the court or a lawyer are able to deliver may be unrealistic, and sometimes people press on with actions that may be against their legal advice: so it's not surprising that people come out of an often distressing process feeling dissatisfied, particularly when we do not have a system of no-fault divorce. Nevertheless, lawyers have a professional obligation to provide clients with clear information about charges and the report will be very helpful to lawyers in reminding them of this.

– The Law Society comment, to be attributed to James Carroll, Co-Chair of the Law Society Family Law Committee
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