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Diamond-encrusted Mercedes turns heads in London

People living in Knightsbridge are used to unique cars but it seems even they were impressed by a diamond-encrusted Mercedes which was snapped parked outside the Levin Hotel near Harrods.

A gold Ferrari and a vintage Cadillac have been spotted in the same location but the Merc, which dazzled in the sunshine this morning, was "a real showstopper" according to hotel manager Harald Duttine.

Every single person who walked by or drove by got their picture taken with it. It's nothing new to see cars like this in the area because of the people who live around here but this car got a lot of attention.

– Manager at Levin Hotel Harald Duttine

The owner of the vehicle covered in bling is a mystery but according to reports it is British registered and has a residents’ parking permit.


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