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'Large-lipped' pre-historic pig named after Mick Jagger

An ancient swamp-dwelling pig has been named after Mick Jagger by scientists due to its 'large, sensitive lips.'

Mick Jagger. Credit: Dennis Van Tine/ABACA USA/Empics Entertainment

Ellen Miller, who was part of the team that discovered the fossils said: “I like the Rolling Stones, I’m a huge Stones fan.”

Which is why the creature, which is believed to have been about the size of a deer, is now known by the scientific name Jaggermeryx naida, or ‘Jagger’s water nymph.’

Professor Miller uncovered several fossilised jaw fragments belonging to the animal at a remote site in the Egyptian desert. The area was swamp land millions of years ago when the pig roamed the Earth.

Sir Mick is yet to comment on the dubious honour.

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