Runners compete in North Pole Marathon

Runners compete in North Pole Marathon

With the temperature reaching -30C, 47 competitors from 20 countries pitted themselves against the elements in the world's coolest race.

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Largest flawless blue diamond could reach $25 million

"The Blue" diamond.
"The Blue" diamond. Credit: Reuters

The largest flawless vivid blue diamond in the world is expected reach a price of bewteen $21-25 million when it is sold at auction next month.

Known as 'The Blue' the stone has been put on display in New York ahead of its sale next month in Geneva.

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Head of Jewelry at Christie's Rahul Kadakai said:

"Thirteen-carat vivid blue being the strongest saturation in a blue diamond, deeply saturated rich blue color and flawless. So the stone is internally and externally bereft of any imperfections.

"So this is the largest flawless vivid blue diamond in the world. So in simple terms, it's the best blue diamond in the world."

Very little in known about the age of the stone, or where it was mined.

'The Ocean Dream' diamond will also be going under the hammer in the sale. It is a five and a half carat blue-green diamond which could make between $7.5 to $10 million dollars.

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"The Blue" diamond and "The Ocean Dream" diamond at Christie's Auction House in New York.
"The Blue" diamond and "The Ocean Dream" diamond at Christie's Auction House in New York. Credit: Reuters


Life on Mars? 'Lights' in Nasa pictures explained

Images captured by Nasa's Mars Curiosity rover have sparked debate among UFO believers, with some suggesting they "could indicate that there is intelligent life below the ground" on the planet.

A speck of light can be seen flaring upwards from the hillside on Mars.
A speck of light can be seen flaring upwards from the hillside on Mars. Credit: Nasa/JPL-Caltech

The pictures, taken on April 3 by the Curiosity rover's right-hand navcam, appear to show a light in the distance, flaring upwards from behind the hillside.

The speck can just be seen to the left of the picture.
The speck can just be seen to the left of the picture. Credit: Nasa/JPL-Caltech

But the theories have been dispelled by imaging expert Doug Ellison from JPL, Nasa's robotic exploration wing. Speaking to NBC News, he blames the glimmer on a "cosmic ray hit" - when high energy particles hit a surface.


NYC cops and firefighters brawl at charity hockey game

A charity ice hockey game between the New York Police Department and the city's firefighters erupted into a brawl this weekend.

Video footage on YouTube shows players throwing punches and grappling on the ice as the teams were tied 3-3 during the second period.

Warning: Video contains some graphic language from the crowd:

Eventually referees were able to break up the scuffle and the game continued, ending in a 8-5 win for the NYPD.

Both the NYPD and FDNY declined to comment to NBC New York

Hitler's wife 'had Jewish ancestry,' documentary claims

Eva Braun, who married Nazi leader Adolf Hitler hours before the pair committed suicide in 1945, was of Jewish descent, according to DNA analysis conducted for a TV documentary.

Adolf Hitler with Eva Braun Credit: PA

The Dead Famous DNA film - to be screened on Channel 4 on Wednesday - will claim that tests on hair samples said to have come from a monogrammed hairbrush used by Braun, show she was possibly of Jewish ancestry.

A team of scientists examined the hair and found a particular sequence within the DNA, which had been passed down the maternal line - the haplogroup N1b1 - which the channel said was "strongly associated" with Ashkenazi Jews, who make up around 80% of the global Jewish population.

Many Ashkenazi Jews in Germany converted to Catholicism in the 19th century.

Presenter Mark Evans sourced the hair samples, which were originally found by American army intelligence officer Paul Bae at Hitler's mountain retreat.

He said: "This is a thought-provoking outcome - I never dreamt that I would find such a potentially extraordinary and profound result."

The only way to prove beyond doubt that the samples were from Braun would be to take a DNA swab from one of her two surviving female descendants, but both refused.

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