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Is the 'Help to Buy' scheme working in the East?

In the latest in our reports on housing in the East, we look at the Government's 'Help to Buy' scheme.

It was launched by the Prime Minister in our region and it seems we've embraced the scheme more enthusiastically than anywhere else in Britain.

Bedfordshire, Milton Keynes and Peterborough have been among the biggest users of Help to Buy - which enables people to buy a home with a 5% deposit.

But critics of the scheme say that, by backing up people's mortgages, the government is encouraging us to get into debt - and will push up house prices.

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Pupils celebrate GCSE success but how have changes in the exams affected the grades?

It was another nerve-racking day for students across the region as they collected their GCSE results.

The exams watchdog had warned schools to expect "volatility" in grades after a number of changes to the exams took affect - and there are many more still to come.

However, there was still plenty to celebrate.

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"They need to be caught": Victim of arsonists calls for action over cottage fires

Five thatched cottages were targeted.
Five thatched cottages were targeted. Credit: ITV News Anglia

The hunt for arsonists who deliberately targeted five thatched cottages early this morning in villages around Huntingdon is continuing.

All the fires were put out and no one was hurt.

It's prompted a warning to those living in thatched homes to be on their guard, but to stay calm as well.

The calls to four fires all came within the space of two hours early this morning.

Vhari Russell’s home in Brampton was one of the properties targeted. She was asleep upstairs with her husband and three young children when the fire service arrived.

“We were so lucky. It's rare that you question your own life.

These horrible people have put five families' lives at risk and the houses that they've worked so hard for. They need to be caught."

– Vhari Russell, Victim of arsonists

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