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Taking a slice of Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Photo: ITV News

A tiny, cheap but powerful computer called a Raspberry Pi invented in Cambridge has sold out within minutes of going on the market.

Called the Raspberry Pi, its designed to help bring out the computer expert and programmer in youngsters, as well as the rest of us.

When its sold the Raspberry comes with a cover but visually at least, the protype's not so very far from the first computers to enter our schools, some 40 years ago.

Now officially launched it's already become a sensation. The two on-line sites selling it both crashed after receiving a million and a half hits in an hour. The first ten thousand sold out in minutes.

Its creators at Cambridge University hope users will find countless different ways of harnessing its potential.

The Raspberry Pi was designed by a charity so profits will be ploughed into keeping its price down and making it as assessible as possible.