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Wartime codebreaker Turing honoured with Bletchley exhibition

James May opening exhibition Photo: ITV Anglia / Emma Baker

The exhibition includes poignant new artefacts, revealed for the very first time, in the presence of Alan Turing's family.

Alan Turing Credit: ITV Anglia

It also includes the rebuild of Delilah, a secret speech system that Turing began developing for the war effort in 1943. There's also a teddy bear, named by him as Porgy and used to practise his lectures on, and a letter to his mother, twenty years after his death, telling her for the very first time about his "vital importance to the outcome of World War II" and his contribution to the development of the modern computer.

Porgy bear! Credit: ITV Anglia/ Emma Baker

The exhibition has been developed following a high-profile public campaign last year to save a rare collection of Alan Turing's work for the nation.

The collection was secured for Bletchley Park after a collaboration between the private sector and the public sector to provide the funding needed.

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