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Greenhouse cuts household bills

The greenhouse uses photovoltaic technology to produce electricity Photo: Polysolar

Polysolar built the greenhouse in a garden in Cambridge. The roof's made from 12 'photovoltaic' glass panels, which give the plants a consistent environment to grow in. The company says it also feeds the nearby house with electricity, cutting bills by about 30%.

The panels can be used on conservatories, garages and roofs, and can replace house windows. They also work with ambient light, unlike some traditional solar panels which need direct sunlight to produce power.

“This is a common sense answer to today’s energy problem. Electricity prices are rising all the time and we have no control over this. At least now I am putting things back the other way and my energy supplier will be paying me for the electricity my greenhouse generates. Plus, of course, I will be growing beautiful plants.”

– George Web. Owner of the first 'photovoltaic' greenhouse

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