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The region's problem areas for sat navs

Out-of-date satnavs can cause problems for small towns and villages across the Anglia region. Photo: ITV Anglia

They may have transformed the lives of thousands of drivers, making it easy to find our way on unfamiliar roads, but for people living in small villages or on country lanes, sat navs can be a nightmare.

The electronic maps have left lorries wedged in narrow streets, and sent drivers down railway lines and even rivers, instead of roads. Out-of-date directions on the devices are becoming such a problem that a Government summit has been held to tackle it.

The narrow streets of the picturesque village of Sharnbrook in Bedfordshire are not exactly compatible with large lorries but in recent years they have seen more than its fair share of heavy goods vehicles. Sat navs are being blamed for directing traffic off the nearby A6.

Just a few miles up the road in the village of Souldrop, it's not lorries causing the problem. Drivers heading to the Santa Pod raceway often find themselves at a dead end after following their sat nav. Fed up residents have even erected their own warning signs.

On Tuesday the government hosted a Satnav summit to discuss possible solutions with manufacturers, map providers and local highways authorities.

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