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Councils 'say no' to bin money

The government has set aside two and a half million pounds for local councils to bring back weekly bin collections.

But a new survey by the Press Association suggests many councils in the East aren't going to bid for it.

Colchester have put in a bid, but Kings Lynn and West Norfolk have said no to the money, while Waveney and Suffolk Coastal have said no for at least the first phase.

Councils which are turning down the money argue that fortnightly collections have encouraged people to recycle more.

Local residents are divided on theissue. Kirstie Banks from Norwich says fortnightly collections make her whole street smell, but Jan Ballard from Melton in Suffolk has been won round to two weekly collections.

She said it's helped her get into the habit of recycling and told Anglia News: "I've had no problem and I'd love to be able to say that I did because I was very cross and very nervous when they first decided to go two weekly. But it's not a problem at all."

Local councils have until August to bid for a share of the money.

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