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Power station re-opens nuclear reactor

The Sizewell B nuclear power station which was shut down because of a fault has now partially returned to service.

The reactor and Turbine 2 at the power station in Suffolk was reconnected to the national grid at 4.30am this morning (Tuesday March 13).

This means that Sizewell B is currently working at half capacity, generating enough electricity for about one million homes.

The reactor automatically shut down at 8.15pm on Friday March 2 following an electrical fault.

Turbine 1 remains offline although work is continuing to bring it back online shortly.

Sizewell B station director, Jim Crawford, said they had worked "systematically to repair the electrical fault before bringing the reactor back on line in a safe, managed way".

He added they were now working to get Turbine 1 back up, returning the station to generating at full capacity.

No timescale is being given for Turbine 1’s return to service. A further update will be issued once this occurs.

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