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Levels of deadly bug reduced at Hospital

Pseudomonas bacteria that was found at the hospital Photo: ITV Anglia

The Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital says there are no longer high levels of the pseudomonas bug in its water system.

A number of babies in the hospital's neonatal unit were tested following the discovery and were also found to be carrying the bacteria.

Although none became ill at the Norfolk and Norwich, three babies at a hospital in Belfast died from the infection earlier this year.

The hospital has said that following remedial work to the water supply, preliminary testing indicates that there are no longer high levels of pseudomonas in the water.Further testing of all the supply points will continue. In the meantime, the trust is continuing to use sterile water for baby care.

"In order to assist in our understanding of the colonisation, in addition to testing the water, we are screening all babies currently on the neonatal unit, to check whether there are any other babies who are colonised with this bacteria.

The team in NICU has spoken individually with parents who have babies in the unit to update them."

– Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital