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Olympic torch relay - Rutland & Lincs


The Olympic torch will start the day in Leicester and it arrives in the Anglia region during the afternoon.

2.29 pm Oakham, Rutland starting at the A640 from Huntsman Drive.

CONVOY: Oakham - Whitwell Harbour

2.54 pm Whitwell Harbour, Rutland

3.07 pm Crossing Rutland Water by boat

_CONVOY: Rutland Water Normanton Car Park - Uppingham _

4.15 pm Uppingham, Rutland at A6003 Ayston Rdfrom Firs Avenuejunction.

CONVOY: Uppingham - Stamford

4.45 pm Stamford, Lincolnshire on the A6121 Tinwell Rd from Stamfordsign

CONVOY: Stamford– Burghley House, Cambridgeshire


7.10 am Starting at Guildhall Square in Peterborough

CONVOY: Peterborough- Market Deeping

8.08 am Market Deeping, Lincolnshire at the B1524 Lincoln Rd from Market Deeping village sign

CONVOY: Market Deeping - Thurlby

8.27 am Thurlby, Lincolnshire from the A15 Peterborough Rd at the signs for Thurlby village

CONVOY: Thurlby - Bourne

8.53 am Bourne, Lincolnshire at A15 South Rd from Eagle Road

CONVOY: Bourne - Spalding

9.34 am Spalding, Lincolnshire at A151 Bourne Rd from Monks House Lane

CONVOY: Spalding - Moulton

10.37 am Moulton, :Lincolnshire at A151 High Rd from B1357 Bell Lane

CONVOY: Moulton - Whaplode

10.44 am Whaplode, Lincolnshire at A151 High Rd from St Mary's Gardens

CONVOY: Whaplode - Holbeach

10.56 am Holbeach, Lincolnshire at B1515 Spalding Rd from Wignals Gate

CONVOY: Holbeach - Long Sutton

11.24 am Long Sutton, Lincolnshire atB1359 Gedney Rd from Charters Lane

CONVOY: Long Sutton - King's Lynn

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