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The ITV Business Club looks ahead to Budget 2012

If you're a tax payer, you get child benefit or you drive a car, you're bound to be interested in the Budget on Wednesday. George Osborne has promised his third budget as Chancellor of the Exchequer will be "for working people" and help low and middle earners.

It's Budget Day on Wednesday 21 March 2012 Credit: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire

Some of the possible measures include:

Raising the tax threshold

As of April people won't have to start paying tax until they earn just over £8,000 but it's thought George Osborne may increase that yet again to around £9,000

Child benefits

The Chancellor has said he'll scrap child benefits for households where one parent pays the higher rate of tax. But it's proved controversial - so could he change his mind?

Fuel duty

Fuel duty will be one to watch. There is a planned rise of 3p due to come in August but will he cancel or postpone that?

Personal tax statement

Personal statement. It's expected we'll all get our own annual personal tax statements spelling out exactly how much we pay and what it's spent on.

Some business leaders say this Budget is the most important for years; a chance for the Chancellor to nurture signs of a delicate recovery.

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