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Suffolk students become internet stars

The careers of two free runners from Suffolk seem to be taking off after they posted a film on Youtube for a bit of fun.

The teenagers from Beccles made a four minute video showing how they cross urban landscapes by vaulting, somersaulting and climbing.

Now one's been offered a sponsorship deal and the other a film commission. Ryan Lovejoy who is 19, and Marcus Wilson who is 17, took nearly a year to make the film. The day it was uploaded Marcus was contacted by the World Freerunning and Parkour Federation (WFPF) based in Los Angeles who have given him sponsorship.

But he has to wait until he turns 18 before he can perform for them and become a professional stuntman. Ryan, meanwhile, has won his first commission from the video…. to shoot a promotional film for the Student Pocket Guide.

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