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Stroke patients benefit from 'bionic arm'

Patients who have lost the use of an arm and hand following a stroke are benefiting from a new rehabilitation service at Colchester General Hospital.

The new service includes the use of a mechanical device calleda SaeboFlex which fits over the fingers, wrist and forearm on the side of the body that has been affected by stroke.

Physiotherapists at the hospital say acute stroke patients who have used the new technology have made significant improvements.

Becs Stuck, a senior occupational therapist, said: “When someone suffers an acute stroke, much of the emphasis of their rehabilitationis understandably on getting them up and walking again, with less time spent on rehabilitation for the arm and hand.

“Weakness in the arm or hand makes simple tasks such aseating, washing and dressing very difficult or even impossible.

“The SaeboFlex has allowed our patients with very weak arms to participate in repetitive practice, helping to improve their strength and abilities.”

The device is not currently funded by the NHS and the kithas been purchased by the Colchester Catalyst Charity at a cost of £2,600.

Geoff Bartley, 68, of Tiptree, using the bionic arm with the help of Steve Knowling Credit: Colchester General Hospital

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