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Police operation nets £500,000 worth of stolen metal

£500,000 of stolen metal and cars has been uncovered by a police operation in the East of England Photo: ITV Anglia

More than £500,000 worth of stolen metals have been seized by officers across the East of England in a major operation involving the region's ports.

They've found stolen cars which were being broken up to ship abroad as well as caravans, cables and gas cylinders in the crackdown on the costly problem of metal theft.

Police checks on containers at the port of Felixstowe uncovered stolen cars and metals ready to be exported to fund organised crime.

During the six weeks of Operation Chisel they also came across large quantities of cable. It's become a clear target for thieves, causing huge problems on the railways in recent months

and two weeks ago people living in Rendlesham in Suffolk were left without the phone and internet for days after thousands of metres of BT cable was stolen

It's prompted the government to intervene, announcing cash payments for scrap metal are to be banned and fines significantly increased.

The interception of containers for this particular operation has now come to an end but investigations continue. The evidence collected over the past couple of months should now lead to arrests.

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