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Homeless migrant camp

A migrant camp has been set up in Northampton Photo: ITV Anglia

A group of homeless migrants have set up camp in woods in Northampton. It's not known how many people are living there or for how long, but it's thought they are all Polish men.

The camp is close to the A45 near the Barnes Meadow Roundabout.

Northampton Borough Council who own the land, said it is willing to help them if they want it, but warned they could face eviction if they refuse to co-operate.

"We've tried to establish contact and have even taken interpreters down to try to talk to them but we have had difficulty communicating with them. They have to respond in order for us to help."

– Councillor Mary Markham

Local Conservative MP Michael Ellis who visited the site today said it was a "tragedy" people had to live in such conditions and has promised to raise the matter in Parliament.