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Hosepipe ban: £1,000 fine for flouters

Anglian Water is asking customers to help save water Photo: ITV Anglia

Anglian Water is warning its customers that they could fined £1,000 if they are caught flouting the hosepipe ban, which starts tomorrow. The company says it expects customers to help save water. The last five months have been the driest ever recorded in the ITV Anglia region.

Luton's water feature in St George's Square will be turned off. Veolia Water is among a number of water companies introducing the ban and ornamental fountains are included in the restrictions. The water feature was opened in 2009 and has proved popular with residents, especially children who can paddle there.

St George's Square fountains to be turned off Credit: ITV Anglia

Roads damaged by the drought could be repaired using government money. In Cambridgeshire, 10% of the roads have been affected by the dry spell. The drought has caused soil to shrink under roads, causing them to crack and become uneven. The county council is waiting to hear if a bid for nearly £10 million has been approved.

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