50 things to do before you're 12

The National Trust is hoping its new campaign will encourage sofa-bound children to take up outdoor activities
The National Trust is hoping its new campaign will encourage sofa-bound children to take up outdoor activities Photo: ITV Anglia

The National Trust has launched a new campaign to encourage sofa-bound children to take up outdoor activities.

The Trust say the campaign, 50 things to do before you're 11¾, is a response to a report a report it commissioned which revealed fewer than one in ten children regularly play in wild places.

The Trust said compared to almost half a generation ago, a third have never climbed a tree and one in ten can't ride a bike.

To help kick-start the campaign the Trust has formed a group of rangers who will share their expert tips and passion on enjoying outdoor adventures.

"We're hoping that the nation's children will embrace our 50 things campaign, it's a great way to encourage more families to enjoy adventures outdoors and our free weekend is the perfect opportunity tovisit.

"With heaps of enthusiasm for the outdoors, our staff and volunteers area fantastic bunch just waiting to encourage kids to tick off the 50 things. The question is, will your family be up for the challenge?"

– Justin Scully, National Trust in the East of England

Here are the list of 50 things to dobefore you're 11¾:

  • 1. Climb a tree
  • 2. Roll down a really big hill
  • 3. Camp out in the wild
  • 4. Build a den
  • 5. Skim a stone
  • 6. Run around in the rain
  • 7. Fly a kite
  • 8. Catch a fish with a net
  • 9. Eat an apple straight from a tree
  • 10. Play conkers
  • 11. Throw some snow
  • 12. Hunt for treasure on the beach
  • 13. Make a mud pie
  • 14. Dam a stream
  • 15. Go sledging
  • 16. Bury someone in the sand
  • 17. Set up a snail race
  • 18. Balance on a fallen tree
  • 19. Swing on a rope swing
  • 20. Make a mud slide
  • 21. Eat blackberries growing in the wild
  • 22. Take a look inside a tree
  • 23. Visit an island
  • 24. Feel like you're flying in the wind
  • 25. Make a grass trumpet
  • 26. Hunt for fossils and bones
  • 27. Watch the sun wake up
  • 28. Climb a huge hill
  • 29. Get behind a waterfall
  • 30. Feed a bird from your hand
  • 31. Hunt for bugs
  • 32. Find some frogspawn
  • 33. Catch a butterfly in a net
  • 34. Track wild animals
  • 35. Discover what's in a pond
  • 36. Call an owl
  • 37. Check out the crazy creatures in a rock pool
  • 38. Bring up a butterfly
  • 39. Catch a crab
  • 40. Go on a nature walk at night
  • 41. Plant it, grow it, eat it
  • 42. Go wild swimming
  • 43. Go rafting
  • 44. Light a fire without matches
  • 45. Find your way with a map and compass
  • 46. Try bouldering
  • 47. Cook on a campfire
  • 48. Try abseiling
  • 49. Find a geocache
  • 50. Canoe down a river