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Protests against factory closures

The Government plans to close Remploy factories Photo: ITV Anglia

Demonstrators have gathered in Norwich to protest against plans to close tens of factories that provide work for people with disabilities.

It's ahead of a national demonstration on Friday 20th April in London, and comes after a Government announcement in March 2012 that 36 of Remploy's 54 factories are to close because they are not financially viable.

The GMB Union says it could mean compulsory redundancies for 1,752 workers, of which 1,518 are disabled, and that it expects the remaining 18 factories to close in due course.

The Government says the closures will allow the money saved to be spent moreeffectively.

"We have been absolutely clear that the £320m budget for specialist disability employment services has been protected. But by spending the money more effectively, we can support thousands more disabled people in work."

– The Department for Work and Pensions
Remploy workers are protesting against factory closures Credit: ITV Anglia