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Bird's eye view into life of a barn owl

This nesting box is one of 1300 put up around Suffolk - with around 300 occupied by breeding barn owls.

A barn owl nest box. Credit: ITV Anglia

And now, animal lovers are getting a rare opportunity to find out exactly what goes inside - via a new webcam.

Andrew Excel, from the Suffolk Wildlife Trust, said: "Generally they're asleep resting and gathering energy for the evening when they'll head out. Well certainly the male will head out and do a lot of hunting and bring the female as much food as possible."

A similar hidden camera is at Norwich Cathedral, keeping a close eye on a pair of Falcons.

At Redgrave Fen the webcam is attracting internet viewers from across the globe.

The first chick should appear in Mid- May.

"It's just an ideal opportunity for us to see what's going on INSIDE one of these breeding boxes," said Andrew. "Normally all people see are the boxes on a tree, owls going out, if they're lucky!"

The Trust hopes it will increase people's knowledge and interest.

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