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Students sent home for wearing wrong blazer

A Dad from Northampton says he’s furious that his 13 year old daughter has been told to stay away from school because her blazer was missing a section of gold braid.

Jess Coles is due to take an exam soon at the Malcolm Arnold Academy but has had to stay at home after being asked to leave yesterday.

Jess claims around 30 students found themselves in a similar position, all because they were missing the trim on their blazers. She says hers had become frayed and a teacher had told her to cut it off with a pair of scissors before the Easter break.

Her Dad Norman thinks the situation is ridiculous but despite calling the Academy and sending a letter he says staff there wouldn’t change their mind and have tried to get him to pay £70 for a new blazer.

The Malcolm Arnold Academy has defended it’s actions, saying it pays for student’s uniforms to encourage a sense of pride and therefore thinks it’s only fair to insist they are kept in good condition.

It says it had a spate of students choosing to remove the braid before Easter and had sent letters home warning parents that this was unacceptable. No one at the Academy could recall telling Jess to remove the braid from her blazer.

Staff also dispute the number of students sent home yesterday saying only 11 were spoken to about the issue and say extra braid has now been ordered from it’s uniform supplier to enable students like Jess to return to school and have repairs carried out.