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War hero's Victoria Cross sells at auction for £220,000

Victoria Cross Photo: ITV Anglia

David Niven stared in the 1955 film Carrington VC wearing a set of medals with a fascinating history.

Among them the Victoria Cross, the highest award for gallantry. One of them belonged to Norfolk soldier Arthur Cross who served in France during the first world war.

Arthur Henry Cross was born in Shipdham in 1884. He really did display the most remarkable bravery for which he will always be acknowledged in his home village.

He died in 1965, aged 81. His family has sold his VC which has raised £220,000 at auction in London.

For many years, Steve Snelling's been researching the story of Harry Cross, who was in the machine gun corps in France in 1918. They were known as the suicide club because of their heavy casualties.

Having seen the Germans capture his machine guns, he was determined to get them back. And did so single-handedly, armed only with a revolver..

Steve Snelling said: "He rushed at them, took them by surprise. Incredibly, they threw their rifles down and possibly thinking that he may not be on his own, but he was and he not only managed to take them prisoner but he managed to get them to carry all his machine guns , the ammun ition and the tripods all the way back to the British lines and was then able to use those machine guns later that same day to break up further German attacks."

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