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Check up for Hinchingbrooke

Hinchingbrooke Hospital Photo: ITV Anglia

Three months after Hinchingbrooke became the first privately run NHS hospital in the country, the team that are running it say things are going well:

At the moment all the signs are positive. In January, February and March we saw our performance being one of the top four in the region just by doing what our staff told us they needed.

– David Monk, Manager, A & E Department

April saw a 73% drop in serious infections and the average length of long stays in hospital halved. But not everyone is happy. Unison are worried that the pay given to cleaning and canteen staff won't rise in line with inflation.

The hospital is £40 million in debt and the Circle Partnership who now run it have to save £10 million a year before they can make money. Circle say that while chasing profit isn't something that motivates their nurses or doctors, it's also essential.

So far they've already saved £1.2 million by buying services more efficiently.

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