Murder trial: Jury hears what happened before shooting

David Oakes appeared at court last year
David Oakes appeared at court last year Photo: ITV Anglia

A jury in the case of a man accused of double murder have heard what the prosecution say happened in the hours before the shooting and what the police found afterwards.

David Oakes, who is 50, pleads not guilty to killing his ex-partner and two-year-old daughter in Braintree last June.

Mr Oakes wasn’t feeling well enough to be in court today to hear the latest evidence in his trial. He's accused of shooting dead his ex-partner Christine Chambers and their two-year-old child Shania at her home in Bartrum Avenue in Braintree on 6th June last year.

Today criminal intelligence analyst Colin Robinson said Mr Oakes owned four mobile phones and sent 667 texts between 21 April and 6 June - a substantial amount of these were to Christine. On the night of 5th June there were a number of texts sent between her and Mr Oakes. Both were due in court the next day over custody of Shania.

Mr Oakes' final text, sent at 20.19, said "You want me to go to court and have me nicked again."

The jury has heard that Mr Oakes will say he got into an argument with Chrissie, leading to both of them and Shania being shot by accident as they struggled.

The police found bloodstains throughout the house - in the kitchen sink, the bath, the bathroom sink and the curtains, sheets and pillowcases of the main bedroom and in the bedrooms of Christine's two daughters. Mr Oakes' blood was found on the ceiling of the main bedroom.

Mr Oakes pleads not guilty to two counts of murder. The trial continues.