1. ITV Report

Day of unrest: Police demonstrations

Off-duty police officers leaving Norfolk for the rally Photo: ITV Anglia

More than a thousand police officers from the Anglia region have been in London today, protesting about the Government's proposed cuts to the police service.

All of them were off-duty; some had come straight from their overnight shifts. They were part of a national demonstration involving almost 30,000 officers - indicating, they say, the sense of anger and frustration about planned cuts.

They claim the Government wants to cut 20 per cent from the police budget. The Police Federation warns this will mean less officers on the front line and will have a serious impact on police pay and pensions.

Sergeant Emma Oliver from Bedfordshire Police said: "The front line is being increasingly cut. We just can't resource things that we used to and sadly it's going to cost a life of the member of the public."

The Police Federation say that 16,000 police posts could be lost.

But Police Minister Nick Herbert insists the police force can't be exempt from the cuts facing the public sector.

"We think that police officers do a fantastic job. They'll continue to receive higher pay than other emergency services - they'll continue to retire earlier than most in the public sector and have pensions that are the best in the public sector but changes do have to be made."