Oakes guilty verdict - family's statement

David Oakes Photo: Essex Police

Members of Miss Chambers’ family said in a statement: “The events of the early hours of Monday, June 6, will live with our family for the rest of our lives.

“To lose a loved one in death is heart breaking, to lose a daughter and granddaughter in the way in which David Oakes brutally tortured Christine and then murdered her and Shania is emotionally beyond description and belief.

“Only time can ease our pain, but nothing, or no one, can ever replace what has been ripped from the lives our family; our loving memories of Christine and Shania will never fade, they will be cherished and live on in our hearts forever.

“We are a family who speak our minds, so with David Oakes we will be no different. It is our sincerest hope that he suffers in some way every day of what is left of his hateful miserable life.”