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100 years of flying history

Harrier jump jets were in service with Number 1 Squadron for more than 40 years.

One hundred years ago Number 1 Fighter Squadron was formed. It's the world's oldest flying military squadron and for more than 40 years was based at RAF Wittering near Peterborough - the home of the Harrier jet.

The squadron has now been disbanded but two enthusiasts are working to keep the memory alive. In a modest room at RAF Wittering Darin Tudor and Wing Commander Tony Walsh have compiled a private archive and collection for members of the Squadron Association to mark its centenary.

Darin Tudor and Wing Commander Tony Walsh have compiled a private archive of Number 1 Squadron Credit: ITV Anglia

The squadron was formed on 13th of May 1912. It was arguably the most successful in the First World War - downing 310 German planes with the cost of 60 young British lives.

In the Second World War they flew Hurricanes, Typhoons and Spitfires taking part in D-Day and shooting down Doodle Bug flying bombs.

Harrier jets in diamond formation they are prepared for retirement in 2010. Credit: RAF/MoD

In 1969 the squadron moved to Wittering near Peterborough and got the world's first Harrier jump jets. They later saw action in The Falklands, Iraq, Kosovo and Afghanistan before being disbanded last year after Harriers were taken out of service for good.

It's likely the squadron will be reformed in the future when new aircraft are available but it almost certainly won't be based at Wittering.