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Chicks attract more than 1 million webcam hits

There's been remarkable interest in a family of peregrine falcons nesting on the spire of Norwich Cathedral.

Since the chicks earlier this month, there've been ten thousand visitors to the special viewing area in the grounds of the Cathedral and more than 1.3 million hits have been recorded on the website showing live pictures of the nest.

Last year, the Hawk and Owl Trust put a nesting box on the spire, hoping to attract peregrines. An egg was laid but failed to hatch. This year, there were four eggs. Three chicks have been born but the other egg was infertile.

Experts are hoping to be able to put marking rings on the chicks next week. They're expected to fly the nest in July.

Watch the webcam here.

Three peregrine falcon chicks in the nest box Credit: ITV Anglia

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