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Community transport charity targeted by thieves for third time

Staff at a charity in Sudbury that provides community transport say they're devastated after another catalytic converter was stolen from one of their minibuses.

'Go Start' has now been targeted three times in a year and a half. It's jeopardising their finances, and the service they're able to provide.

It's a vital service that's been targeted by thieves again and again.

Hundreds of pensioners, children and people with disabilities rely on the Go Start transport charity in Sudbury.

They've had catalytic converters stolen three times.

Repairing the vehicles can take anything between a few days and a few months. For many of those who use the service it's their only means of transport so even the slightest disruption can be extremely upsetting.

Reg Gitting's who's 74, uses the minibus twice a week to go shopping. He considers the service a lifeline.

Staff say they're just angry that their work to help the disadvantaged is being put at such a disadvantage itself.

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